Steps to Deposit Materials

Depositors may give a large collection of original work, sometimes a lifetime of research and collecting. A depositor may also agree to donate copies of a small family-made collection once the Native American Languages department has digitized the originals. The depositor may be working from afar (another state or country), or come directly to the museum, in which case these steps may take place at one time. There are many possibilities, but all depositors will follow these basic steps:

  1. Refer to our Acquisition Criteria to learn more about what types of materials we collect.
  2. Contact the Native American Languages Collection (NALC) at 405-325-3332 or to discuss your potential deposit and request an NAL Depositor Packet.
  3. Organize your materials and provide information about them using the NAL Depositor Packet.
  4. Read and sign the NAL agreements in the NAL Depositor Packet.
  5. Deposit the materials at the museum along with the completed NAL Depositor Packet.
  6. Following these steps, you will receive a Deed of Gift and a letter from the museum. Sign the Deed of Gift and return it as instructed.
  7. Following accession of the materials, the NALC will send you:
  • any requests for further information or clarification
  • a copy of the signed NAL Depositor Packet for your records
  • information about how to access your deposit
  • digital copies of materials, as negotiated in the Digitization Agreement

Updated March 3, 2017