Birthday Party Packages

  Deluxe Dino Party Dino Party
Thirty-minutes of dedicated time for your group in the Andree Discovery Room  X  X
Twenty-minute educational tour of the Siegfried Family Hall of Ancient Life  X  X
One dino-themed birthday t-shirt for the birthday child  X  X
Party favor bag for each child guest  X  X
One museum party coordinator to facilitate the visit  X  X
Dino-themed coloring activity  X  X
Museum-designed invitations available upon request  X  X
Dino-theme Cake provided by the museum  X  
Ice cream  X  
Drinks  X  
All necessary serviceware (plates, napkins, plasticware)  X  
  Members Price: $270 Non-Members price: $300 Members price: $180 Non-Members price: $200