Sam Noble Circle

$25,000 and up

The Bilby Foundation
Oklahoma Energy Resources Board (OERB)

Museum Circle


Oklahoma City Zoological Trust
Reynotta Hoberecht
Janet Braun
Jones PR
Fowler Automotive
Osage Casino

Director's Circle


Brian Davis
John and Celeste Stonecipher
The Chickasaw Nation
David Nimmo
Claren Kidd
Daniel Swan and Kathleen Wilson
Darryl Rhoads
Todd and Mary Flipse
Tulsa Community Foundation

Curator's Circle


Claude and Helen Duchon
Carl Engelman
Paul and Mary LeBlanc
Kaw Nation
Sac and Fox Nation
Brandi Coyner



Don Wyckoff
Joseph and Susan Kopta
Mike Sugg and Sandy Kinney
Vernon and Lori Smith
Mike and Christina McCurtain
William Kern and Kathleen Duncan
Ronald Powell
James and Molly Crawley
Mervin and Eleanor Barnes
Emma Maggard
Beverly Harkness
Charles Hollen
Christopher and Leslie DeMers



Tiffany Stephens
Pamela McIntosh
Marion and Dianne Bauman
Kathy Hewitt
Terry Bell
Roger and Cheryl Frech
Robert Pictor
Richard Dennis
Carol Upp
Jerry Whistler Snow
Rod and Janene Davis
Debra Gorrell
William and Ruth Braun
Robert and Patricia Culbert
Will and Katherine Merrick
Fred and Meg Carr
Michael Madden
Donald Tysdal
Nancy Pees Coleman
Rebecca Meyer
Stanley and Charlotte Luczycki
Carl Hagen
Jeffrey Cox
Harry Wallach
Ursula Faus
The Williams Companies
Henry Day
Ravi Gandhi
Bob and Denise Davis
Paul and Terry Bell
Romeo Mandanas and Patrice Go
Wayne Tolle
William Butcher
Tom and Monica McCasland
Tom and Betty Love
Toy Barnard
Ufot Inamete
Ted and Marilyn Roberts
Tom and Edie Cohoon
Marshall and Tev Brackin
Tim Munson
Paul and Amy King
Susan Francis
Suzanna Dooley
Neil and Kathy Schemmer
Marilyn Hugon
Marshal and Melissa Gimpel
Mary Sherman
Keith and Linda Miller
Josh and Julie Kershen
Julie Klopfenstein
Lars Noble
LaVon Scanlan
Billy and Linda Baldwin
John and Lynette Sutterfield
Bill Matthews and Edie Marsh-Matthews
Diane Moershel
Elaine Hobson
Howard and Cleo Haines
Gregg Carr
Joe Siano
Jock and Cia Campbell
Joseph Grzybowski
J. Ross Kirtley
James and Mary Hedrick
Jim and Nancy Yoch
Jim Stone
Jane Dmytryk
David and Judy Morse
Dan Schemm
Charles Deal
Carolyn Thompson Taylor
Charles and Suzanne Kacmarcik
Avraham Scherman
Barbara Miller
Barbara Reynolds
Brant and Carol Worthington Alan Livingston