Public Relations & Marketing

Over the past year, the department has transitioned to digital methods of marketing and communications. Publications such as Tracks and print pieces such as event calendars are now distributed via email, as well as hosted on the museum’s website.

The temporary exhibit, Megalodon: Largest Shark that Ever Lived, was a huge success. Themed events, birthday parties and promotions helped boost the exhibit’s popularity and maximize the number of visitors. The exhibit also lined up with the 2018 summer release of the movie, The Meg, which bolstered interest in the giant shark and generated ideas for promotions. One promotion was particularly popular: all visitors that saw the exhibit during a set period of time were invited to enter a drawing to win a gift certificate to see The Meg on the big screen. In just one week, over 84 visitors saw the exhibit and entered the drawing.

Towards the end of last year, the museum hosted two breakfast-themed events related to the exhibit: Munch with Meg. Visitors were granted exclusive, early access to the exhibit and enjoyed additional crafts and activities while munching on complimentary breakfast cereal. The museum also revamped its birthday party packages and included a limited-time, Megalodon-themed activity to draw in more visitors.

Last fall, the museum also starred in a short documentary called Preservers of the Past, produced by the talented storytellers at Ackerman McQueen. The short piece details the history and founding of the museum, as well as how it transitioned into the new building on Chautauqua Avenue.

In addition, the marketing and PR department generated national interest from one of its social media channels with the Instagram Reveal Game. Once a week for 10 weeks, a member of the department posted a partially visible image of a museum exhibit or artifact on the museum’s Instagram story. Followers of the account were encouraged to submit their best guess as to what the image was, with the first correct answer receiving a prize. Followers from across the United States responded to the weekly game, and prizes were sent to recipients in California, Arizona and Colorado, as well as rural areas in Oklahoma.

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