Archaeology Research Policies

The archaeology department welcomes and encourages the use of its collections. Its resources are available for study and examination by all responsible parties. Complete the Archaeology Collection Research Request Form and schedule an appointment with the curator or collection manager for all requests with 3 weeks advance notice. Requests will be granted subject to curatorial review and must abide by department rules. Additional permission must be obtained  from all associated tribe(s) for research conducted on culturally sensitive materials; it is the researcher’s responsibility to obtain these permissions. On-site Visit: Visits must be conducted during regular public hours (8-5, M-F). Destructive Analysis: If you would like to conduct destructive analysis (radiocarbon dating, INAA, etc.) on artifacts from the archaeology collections, please review the Sam Noble Museum Sampling Policy. Loans: Review the department’s Loan Policy. Before any loan may be sent out, the material must be inventoried, which may take some time depending on the state of the particular collection.