Roughly 60 percent of the herpetology collection is made up of Oklahoma specimens, making it the largest repository of Oklahoma amphibians and reptiles found anywhere. Additionally, the collection’s geographic diversity covers 46 states and 54 countries. We house large holdings of foreign specimens for Latin American countries like Brazil and Nicaragua, plus rare collections from Egypt and the Galapagos. The collection includes a handful of species new to science, which offer priceless opportunities for researchers and educators. In addition to physical specimens, we preserve specimen records and field notebooks from collectors spanning roughly 60 years. These archival materials are stored in print and digital formats in the Charles C. Carpenter Herpetology Library and contain audio and visual material referenced by herpetologists. Our collection continues to grow with the acquisition of specimens from Southeast Asia and selected areas of Oklahoma. Additionally, research programs by curators and graduate students keep the collection in constant use.