Herpetology Archives

The herpetology department maintains detailed archives of all their specimens. This includes handwritten specimen tags, jar labels, field notebooks, and distribution maps. Herpetology also stores original and digitized videos (e.g. behavioral assays, habitat, field trips) by Charles C. Carpenter, PhD (and his graduate students) and frog call recordings by Janalee P. Caldwell, PhD.

Scanned pdfs of field notes are available for the following researchers and dates, please contact us for availability.

Royce E. Ballinger (1991-2000)

Matthew C Brandley (2000-2002)

Janalee P. Caldwell (1965-2008)

Jeffrey D. Camper (1992-1993)

Charles C. Carpenter (1953-1987)

                   Distribution Maps (Oklahoma only)

                   Research Notes & Illustrations

                   Safaris (field collecting trips)

                   Species Accounts

Timothy J. Colston (2008-2009)

Richard D. Durtsche (1993)

Amy D. Estep (2000-2004)

Dante B. Fenolio (1999)

April K. Fink (2008-2009)

Beryl Freeman (1926)

M. D. Halcomb (1932)

Joel A. Johnson (2000-2001)

Ricky G. Jones (1984)

O. M. King (1953-1959)

James Lazell (2000-2002)

William I. Lutterschmidt (1995)

John H. Malone (1999-2002)