Oklahoma Collection of Genomic Resources

The Sam Noble Museum established the Oklahoma Collection of Genomic Resources in 2006. As an archive of biological tissue samples, this collection is somewhat like a library of genetic biodiversity. Collected and maintained under controlled conditions, these specimens are maintained for current and future research. Our collection currently holds about 40,500 tissue samples from 479 genera. This includes more than 840 combined species of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish. Many of the samples have voucher specimens that are housed in the Sam Noble Museum. There is a strong representation of mammals from Argentina and Oklahoma, plus amphibians, reptiles and birds from the Great Plains. We continue to add to the collection’s taxonomic and geographic diversity through research conducted by curators, professional staff, students and associates in the field. The museum’s Genetic Core Research Facility provides facilities for laboratory research by museum staff, students and associates.

Oklahoma Collection of Genomic Resources Staff

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