Oklahoma Science Adventure 2008

Oklahoma Science Adventure Blog 2008

May 15

Hello Everyone! I can’t wait to meet you all. Say hello to your fellow adventurers!

Sarah S.: Hello, I'm very excited to be coming this summer. I have so much to get ready for, even a haircut. This is going to be a great adventure. See you there. 

Mattie: Hello, I'm excited too. I think it's going to be really fun. I can't wait to meet everybody! I too am probably in for a haircut, but it hasn't been said, hinted maybe, but not said! I'll Blog later. 

Kim R.: HELLLLOOOOOOO pplz!!!! I am so excited to meet everyone. I've told my friends that i am going to have fun! Can't wait to meet you guys!!!! 

Nathaniel Y.: Hello, I'm excited too! Can't wait to go on the trip. Can't wait to meet new friends. Hope to have al ot of fun learning new things. 

Tanner C.: Hey I can’t wait to meet u guys i am so excited ill write l8er

Kayla C.: Hey everyone!! I'm so ready to meet everyone and have agreat time!! See you in July

Shane F.: Hey! I'm really excited about meeting everyone and having all kinds of adventures next week.

Jeremy: hey hey hey. 

Mike: wuzzzzz uuuuup!!!!!! 

July 7

Did you work as a team in the Ropes Course? What does teamwork mean to you?

Tanner C.: It was a lot of fun we learned how to work as a team. 

Dillon C. and Mike: We did a lot of team work n we had a lot of fun!!!!!! 

Katlin: we did alot f team work like dillon said but it waz H I L L A R I O U S when we would b so close 2 winning but messed up wich i waz also dissapionted.lolz 

Sarah S.: It was so fun but i have to say the whole falling and catching was a breathe taker!!! You knew they would catch you but the thrill took that away!! And the balancer where you had to get all of your team mates on the board without it touching the ground! That was fun. The whole thing was about team work and we had it! 

Jeremy: the log jam was fun the trust fall was scary. 

Kim R.: the log jam was easiest but i liked the islands. the trust thing was REALLY scary i was still shaking an hour after. 

Nathaniel Y.: It was fun being a team. 

Kayla C.: During the ropes course we learned that teamwork really does make a difference... If it wasn't for my teammates i would have died out there tryin to build that bridge! lol... 

July 8

Share video and pictures of the collecting from Monday and Tuesday. What did you do? What did you find?

Dillon and Mike: Me and Mike caught a lot of fish and crayfish. We caught the biggest crayfish at camp. We got really muddy with Kayla, I was the muddiest. We had hip waiters on and they didnt really work that well. 

Shane: made a chart on how to describe fish and make a chart on how to identify fish and a chart on how to identify people and caught a lot of fish and used traps and caught a crayfish 

Nathaniel: Im having fun collecting fish, vegetation, and crawdads

Kim: we caught the smallest crawfish at camp so beat that lol but i am having fun. 

Katlin: me and brittany caught crawfish bass oh and sarah and kim did 2 those days and many tadpoles and a couple other fish i am sort so i cant go 2 far in the water.we used seine thenext day and we caught a big bass and a couple smaller fish yay well dat waz fun! 

Jeremy: hahahahhahahahahaha I saw this frog in the water. 

Sarah: Look it's Katlin in the pond!