Birthday Party Information

The Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History is one of the largest and finest university-based museums in the world. Housed within the museum are 6 million artifacts and specimens that represent Oklahoma’s history from prehistoric to modern times. In order to protect the museum’s collections an integrated pest management program has been instituted. We need your cooperation and help in following the guidelines from the comprehensive set of policies written to protect the museum’s collections and facility.  

Do's Don’ts
Foods: Cake, Ice Cream (in individual pre-made cups, wrapped candies) Lighting of candles is strictly prohibited in Museum or outside property.
Individual serving beverages without a colored dye. Examples: clear or brown sodas, Capri-Sun, bottled juice or juice boxes, bottled water, etc. Beverages with a colored dye (ex. Kool-Aid, fruit punch, grape juice, orange soda). 2-liter or gallon bottles
Your own paper products for the party; Napkins, plates, forks, spoons, etc. Serving utensils can be provided for cutting cake. No items made of organic materials (i.e. live plants, feathers, moss, potpourri, straw, etc.)
Please use Plastic Bags instead of paper sacks for carrying in items. Coolers and Tupperware-type containers are permitted. Corrugated cardboard boxes (not allowed inside museum)
Non-inflated balloons; Cannot be blown up inside the museum. Additional table decorations and party favors. Inflated balloons (helium or blow-up), glitter confetti, streamers and crepe paper or wall decorations.

The museum will provide tables, chairs and tablecloths for your party.

Your foods, products and gifts brought in by your guests will be left at the front desk until the time of service of cake and gift opening. Your birthday host will set up the party area with your items. Use of electrical appliances and devices requires prior approval please.

Photography or videotape of the party is to be for personal use only. Videotaping of the guided tour is not permitted. Must obtain permission of Museum employees and volunteers before photographing or videotaping these individuals.

There will be a $7.00 charge for each adult when total for party is over 25. Due to space limitations, the maximum number of children that can be accommodated is 15.

A complete copy of the policies and procedures that govern birthday parties can be provided upon request. If there are any questions please call (405) 325-7975.

Thank you for your help! If you are unsure of anything, please call the number above. We look forward to having your child’s Birthday Party; it will be a great time for all involved!