Hall of World Cultures

Merkel Family Foundation Gallery of World Cultures features a treasure trove of fascinating cultural objects from around the world, chosen from the museum's diverse ethnology collection. Cultures represented range from ancient Greece and Rome to Oceania, Tibet, Japan and West Africa. Highlights include a full suit of armor from a Japanese Samurai warrior, a Tibetan ceremonial apron and cap made of carved bones, and a collection of Chinese ornaments and seals. Here, too, you will see colorful clothing from the museum's collection of Mayan textiles, hand-woven by modern Mayan artisans in southern Mexico and Central America. Also featured are beautiful wooden masks and toys made by Mayan people throughout the region. This gallery also includes examples from the museum's excellent collection of classical Greek and Roman antiquities, such as an Attic black-figure "eye cup," made around 525 BCE, and a large section of mosaic found in Antioch (modern Turkey) and dating to around 100 CE. This exhibit is currently not on display.