Janalee P. Caldwell, Ph.D.

Photo of Janalee P. Caldwell, Ph.D.

Janalee P. Caldwell, Ph.D.

Professor and Curator Emeritus


I was Curator of Amphibians at the Sam Noble Museum and professor in the Biology Department at OU from 1990 to 2011. My research focused on the ecology, behavior, and systematics of amphibians, particularly dendrobatid and aromobatid frogs. In addition to curatorial duties, I was involved in designing museum exhibits, teaching undergraduates, and mentoring graduate students in Master’s and Ph.D. programs. In 2004, I received the University of Oklahoma Regents’ Award for Superior Accomplishment in Research and Creative Activity. I served as President of the Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles in 2001–2002.

I am co-author of the textbook, Herpetology: An Introductory Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles, Fourth Edition, with Dr. Laurie Vitt. I continue to collaborate on various research projects with American and Brazilian colleagues.


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