Delores Harragarra Collection

Languages Represented: The collection materials are in Cheyenne, Chippewa, Crow, Dakota, Iowa-Oto, Kiowa, Northern Tiwa, Ponca, Tewa and English.

Extent: 14 items

Collection Date Range: Unknown

Creators: Delores Harragarra

Collection Identifier: DHA

Abstract: An audio collection featuring more than 200 hours of songs and dances from nine Algonquian, Athabaskan, Kiowa-Tanoan and Siouan-Catawban languages.

Acquisition Information: These records came to the Sam Noble Museum courtesy of Delores Harragarra in three batches, with the first two deposits occurring in 2007 and the most recent deposit occurring in 2011.

Access Restrictions: The materials are open for research. Contact the NALC at 405-325-3332 or

Cite As: [title], [catalog number], Delores Harragarra Collection, Sam Noble Museum Department of Native American Languages.

Collection Scope and Contents: Delores Toyebo Harragarra of Carnegie, Oklahoma, is a member of the Kiowa Nation and the mother of powwow photographer Lester Harragarra. Her late-husband, Kenneth, was a World War II veteran and Tribal Chairman of the Otoe-Missouria tribe.

In 1951, Delores graduated from the University of Oklahoma - one of the first Kiowas ever to do so. In 2004, she partnered with more than 100 performers for the album “Beautiful Beyond: Christian Songs in Native Languages Presented by the National Museum of the American Indian,” produced by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. In 2007, she partnered with the department of Native American Languages at the Sam Noble Museum to establish the Delores Harragarra Collection.

The collection features over 200 hours of audio recordings documenting nine languages within the Algonquian, Athabaskan, Kiowa-Tanoan and Siouan-Catawban language families. The materials include songs and dances in Cheyenne, Chippewa, Crow, Dakota, Iowa-Oto, Kiowa-Apache, Northern Tiwa, Ponca and Tewa, with some English. The recordings feature the voices of the Tallbird Family, S. Redcloud, A. Water, E. Redcloud, Wm. H. Cloud, J. Leonard, S. Bombay, R. Graves, Warren Bear Cloud, John Strong Enemy, Lewis Toyebo and Kenneth Harragarra.

Catalog #Title
DHA-001American Indian Soundchiefs: Cheyenne songs by the Tallbird Family
DHA-002American Indian Soundchiefs: Ponca songs by S. Redcloud and A. Water
DHA-003American Indian Soundchiefs: Sioux Tribal Owl Dance
DHA-004American Indian Soundchiefs: Geronimo Apache Fire Dance
DHA-005American Indian Soundchiefs: Chippewa Fast War Dance
DHA-006American Indian Soundchiefs: Crow war dance songs
DHA-007Soundchief Singers: Kiowa tribal round dance
DHA-008Soundchief Singers: Pueblo and Crow
DHA-009American Indian Soundchiefs: Otoe
DHA-010Pueblo, Crow and Kiowa songs
DHA-011Crow Songs, by Warren Bear Cloud and John Strong Enemy
DHA-012Crow, Apache, Sioux and Ojibwe songs
DHA-013Cheyenne songs, by the Tall Bird Family
DHA-014Lewis Toyebo Singing Kiowa Peyote songs