Discovery Kits

Bring Oklahoma natural history to your classroom!

Discovery Kits bring museum science exploration to K-12 students across Oklahoma. These kits feature museum specimens and artifacts, in addition to science and social studies curricula for grades K-12 that meet Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS). Kits can be checked out for a two-week period.

Through a generous grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), 12 new Discovery Kits will be available starting in 2016. In addition, these new Discovery Kits will be available for delivery to schools across the state of Oklahoma at no charge! We currently are only able to ship Discovery Kits within Oklahoma.

We welcome homeschool educators to reserve the Discovery Kits in the months of June, July and August. During the school year (September through May), we will be happy to place you on a wait list should a kit become available.

For more information about Discovery Kits, including delivery methods and other frequently asked questions, please click here.

Learn more about each of the Discovery Kits for your grade below!