Art Database

The art collection is composed of contemporary fine art objects from North America including oil paintings, watercolors, sculptures, acrylic paintings, slides, drawings, and many other media. The art collection is separated into two sub-collections, with the largest including 21st century works by important native North American artists such as Archie Blackowl, Acee Blue Eagle, Stephen Mopope, Cecil Dick, Fred Beaver, Dick West, Dennis Belindo, Parker Boyiddle, Benjamin “Bennie” Buffalo Jr., Johnny Tiger Jr., Mirac Creepingbear, Pablita Velarde, Helen Hardin, and Sherman Chaddlesone. The sub-collection also contains important works by contemporary and emerging artists including Ruthe Blalock Jones, Kevin Red Star, Virginia Stroud, Raymond Succo, Bobby C. Martin, Elriggs Allen, Garrett Etsitty, and Yatika Starr Fields. The smaller of the two sub-collectiona includes a collection of watercolors and slides by Dr. George Miksch Sutton, American ornithologist and bird artist. Please take a look through our database to discover some interesting and exciting objects in the collection.

For more information regarding the collection, please contact the Curator Daniel Swan, PhD. Permission to reproduce or publish items in the museum collections in print, film, or other media must be requested in advance, and granted in writing through an “Image Request” form and a “Request for Permission to Publish” form. Associated fees must be paid before photographs will be sent. With inquiries or requests for permission to use collection photos, please contact the collection manager, Christina Naruszewicz.