Mark Allen Everett Collection

Ancient Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Pottery in the Ethnology Collection

The ethnology department at the Sam Noble Museum curates a large collection that includes traditional art and artifacts from around the world. One of the three collections cared for by the division is the classical archaeology collection, which includes important works in many media from around the ancient Mediterranean world. In 2001, the museum received an important new gift of ancient Greek, Etruscan and Roman pottery from Mark Allen Everett, Ph.D. This collection of 43 works greatly enhanced and expanded the museum’s collection of classical antiquities. In order to share this collection with students and others interested in classical art and archaeology, the division has created this simple website which features images and basic catalog data on the Everett collection. Researchers and others seeking additional information on the collection should contact the curator, Daniel  Swan, Ph.D or the collection manager, Christina Naruszewicz.

This content was created by Rhonda Fair, former graduate research assistant, ethnology department, Sam Noble Museum.