Caryl McHarney Collection

Languages Represented: The collection materials are in Bent Mescalero Apache, Cherokee, Chomorro, Crow, Fijian, Fresian, Havasupai, Hualapai, Jicarilla Apache, Kapingamarangi, Keresan (Acoma Pueblo), Lakota, Luyia, Marshallese, Navajo, Northern Ute, Ojibway, O’odham (formerly Papago), Palauan, Pasqua Yaqui, Ponapean, Samoan, San Carlos Apache, Tewa (Santa Clara Pueblo), Trukese, Yapese, Yup’ik and English.

Extent: 428 items

Collection Date Range: 1940 - 1991

Creators: Caryl McHarney

Collection Identifier: CMC

Abstract: This collection contains more than 400 print-based resources, including books and ephemeral works authored, illustrated and signed by the creator and collector, Caryl McHarney. The materials represent more than two-dozen languages, primarily from the Cochimí-Yuman, Keresan, Nadene, Uto-Aztecan and Zuni language families.

Acquisition Information: These records came to the Sam Noble Museum in 2012 and were deposited by Caryl McHarney.

Access Restrictions: The materials are open for research, though some restrictions apply to individual objects as outlined by their affiliated tribes or publishers. Contact the NALC at 405-325-3332 or

Cite As: [title], [catalog number], Caryl McHarney Collection, Sam Noble Museum Department of Native American Languages.

Collection Scope and Contents: The Caryl McHarney Collection was established in September 2012. Consisting of more than 400 print items, the collection focuses heavily on educational curricula written in various languages within the Cochimí-Yuman, Keresan, Nadene, Uto-Aztecan and Zuni language families.

As she describes, Caryl McHarney had a passion for education and Native American languages. She also had a background in illustration. At the end of the 1960s, she became a staff member of the University of New Mexico working in Micronesia (with headquarters in Guam), leading workshops on Native language education, and illustrating and collecting a range of materials from storybooks to calendars. Most of these materials were created during the workshops given for student teachers that spoke the languages. They received college credits from the University of New Mexico, Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and the Community College of Micronesia.

Some dictionaries are also included in the collection. They were developed later when the students returned home to continue their work. Also included are materials created by other Title VII education programs by other means. A significant portion of this collection is comprised of the materials Caryl created and collected while working in Micronesia, in addition to materials she used in 1969 when she enrolled in the Navajo Reading Study language class at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. In all, this collection represents a life’s work of dedication and artistic ability and brings together a variety of language resources representing more than two-dozen different languages. Several items have only a word or two of the language represented; the rest have good representations of the languages.

Organization: The donor packed all materials with each box containing a packing slip detailing the title, author, illustrator, number of pages, size and language of each item. Most items were grouped and boxed according to the purpose of their use/creation. For example, all Navajo bilingual materials the donor collected for the Navajo Reading Study class she attended at UNM were boxed together and organized in alphabetical order according to the title. Information about the items’ use/creation can be found in the header or margins of most of the packing slips; materials in boxes with packing slips that do not contain information about the item’s use/creation are essentially “miscellaneous” language materials. In respect to the original order of the materials as they were arranged by the donor, the NAL collections manager, in processing this collection, has kept all materials used/created for similar purposes together. However, items within a group have been separated and reorganized by media type (books, posters, reports, games, letters, etc.). For example, all books for the Navajo Reading Study, University of New Mexico, 1973 to 1975, have been grouped together; all book translations together, etc. This conscious decision was made in order to provide a more sensible and cohesive finding aid and to optimize user searchability within the NAL archive.

Series 1

Navajo bilingual materials, Navajo Reading Study, University of New Mexico, 1973 - 1975

Series 2

Navajo bilingual materials for Ramah Navajo School Board, Inc., for Native American Multimedia Training Seminar, Title VII, 1976

Series 3

Navajo bilingual materials, Navajo Reading Study, University of New Mexico, for Rock Point Community School, Chinle, Arizona, 1973, 1974

Series 4

Navajo bilingual materials, Sanostee-Toadlena Title VII project, published by Navajo Reading Study, University of New Mexico, 1974-1975

Series 5

Navajo bilingual materials, Navajo Reading Study, University of New Mexico, for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, printed by Tuba City Public School District No. 15

Series 6

Navajo bilingual materials for Cañoncito (To’haajiilee) Community School Board of Education, Navajo Reading Study, University of New Mexico, 1972 – 1979

Series 7

Ute bilingual materials, Ute Instructional Materials Development Project, 1987

Series 8

Materials from the Arizona Department of Education, Indian Education Unit

Series 9

Apache bilingual materials, Jicarilla Language/Culture Program, Jicarilla Apache Tribe, 1984, and Title VII, NAMDC, 1981, Ramah Navajo School Board, Inc.

Series 10

Apache bilingual materials, Jicarilla Language/Culture Program, Dulce, NM

Series 11

Hualapai bilingual materials, Hualapi Bilingual Program, Peach Springs School District No. 8, 1981 – 1982

Series 12

O’odham (Papago) language materials, Title VII, San Simon School, Sells, AZ: BIA, Papago Indian Agency, 1978 – 1980

Series 13

Havasupai language materials, Title VII Havasupai Bilingual Program, 1981 – 1987

Series 14

Language materials produced by the Chinle Unified School District #24 Navajo Curriculum Development and Production Center

Series 15

Navajo bilingual materials produced by Rock Point Community School Title VII, Chinle, Arizona 86503

Series 16

Miscellaneous North American bilingual materials organized by medium and featured language

Series 17

Micronesian bilingual materials produced after Micronesia became a trust territory of the USA at the end of WWII and was a part of the Title VII effort to incorporate Native languages in school curricula

Series 18

Second language teaching materials and general reference materials (North American, African, European, and Asian languages).

Series 19

Havasupai bilingual materials. Havasupai school bilingual program, copyright 1987

Catalog #SeriesTitle
CMC-0011Ashkii Né'éshjaa' Bineesáago' Baa Hane'
CMC-0031Chidíłtsooi' Dóó Gólízhii
CMC-0041Dah dí níil ghaazh
CMC-0051Haa lá Wol yé?
CMC-0061Łįį Hazlįį'dáá' Hane'
CMC-0071Hastóí Táá'
CMC-0081Hastiin Ch'ahii
CMC-0091Johnny dóó Willie
CMC-0111Náshdóí Yáázh: Bił Haz'ąądi Nooyééł
CMC-0131Pá bii Dóó Má sí
CMC-0141Shaa ní
CMC-0151Nihookáá' Dóó Táyi' Naaldeehii
CMC-0171Translation of Dah díníil ghaazh / Fried Bread (The one that puffs up)
CMC-0181Translation of Hastįį Ts'ós í (Skinny Man)
CMC-0191Translation of Deestsiin choo'ínígi baahane' / Piñon (Story of useful things)
CMC-0201Translation of Shaa ní
CMC-0211Translation of Ashdla'go Shibee Ákohwiinidzinii / Our Five Ways of Knowing; Álástsii' / Seeds; Shíla' / My Hands
CMC-0221Translation of Mósíłgai
CMC-0231Handwritten translation of Skinny Man
CMC-0241Handwritten translation of Piñon (Story of useful things)
CMC-0251Handwritten translation of Shaani (Give to me, towards me)
CMC-0261Handwritten translation of K'os (Clouds)
CMC-0271Handwritten translation of Dah díníil ghaazh / Fried Bread (The one that puffs up)
CMC-0281Handwritten translation of The Bus and the Skunk
CMC-0291Handwritten translation of Pábü dóó Mósí (Puppy and the Cat)
CMC-0301Handwritten translation of Baa'
CMC-0311Handwritten translation of Shimá (My Mother)
CMC-0321Hane' Yázhi (Volumes 1-9, 1975)
CMC-0331Dinék 'ehji Naaltsoos Wólta'í
CMC-0342Native American multimedia training seminar 1976
CMC-0352Charles Ałtsé Binaanish Silį'ígíí
CMC-0362Karen Doo Bimásání Baahane'
CMC-0372Ervin Tó Siyínígóó Deeyá
CMC-0382Native American multimedia training seminar 1976 button
CMC-0392“10 Reasons for learning one's mother tongue and becoming bilingual”
CMC-040 3Aa' aa'
CMC-0413Ałk'idáá Bisóodi Shilįį' Nítęę'
CMC-0423Bi ts'áá dóó Ho sé lįį'ígíí
CMC-0433Has tįį Ts'ó sí
CMC-0474Ashdla'go Shibee Ákohwinidzinii
CMC-0484Dah Iistł'ǫ Baahane'
CMC-0494Hai Náhásdlįį'
CMC-0514Hooghądi Ádaa'áháyą
CMC-0524Jóhonaa' Éí Dóó Nahasdzáán
CMC-0544Łįį Baa Hane'
CMC-0554Naadąą Haleehgi Baa Hane'
CMC-0564Nihookáá' Dóó Táyi' Naaldeehii
CMC-0595Da'ii Dá
CMC-0615Preliminary Drawings for the Book "Jasper"
CMC-0656Anthony Dóó Tł'ízí Chǫǫh
CMC-0666Khun Di Wowatsi
CMC-0686The Eagle Claw, Volume 1, Number 4
CMC-0696Canoncito Day School year book 1979
CMC-0706Canoncito Adult Learning Program grant request
CMC-0716Canoncito 1978 calendar
CMC-0726Navajo language workbook
CMC-0736Pábii dóó másí joot yee naanée łeh
CMC-0746Reading the Navajo Way
CMC-0756Preparations of textbooks in the mother tongue: A guide for those who write and those who evaluate textbooks in any language
CMC-0766Building an arts program: A handbook for educators and community people
CMC-0776From cover to cover: Publishing in your classroom
CMC-0797Nuh Muhmweekway Ahm (I'm Leading the Way for You)
CMC-0807Nuhdtah Nooch
CMC-0817Poopah Noochee Sumyn
CMC-0827Animal flash cards in Ute
CMC-0837Ute alphabet cards
CMC-0847Animal and object flash cards in Ute
CMC-0858Renewing traditions: An alcohol prevention program for early childhood American Indian youth
CMC-0869Jicarilla verbs
CMC-0879Jicarilla Apache Reservation (booklet)
CMC-0889Jicarilla Apache Dictionary
CMC-0899Jicarilla Mizaa Medaóołkai Náaki
CMC-0909Jicarilla Mizaa Medaóołkai Dáłáéé
CMC-0919Oshíí Bígonsh'aa Apache Workbook 1
CMC-09210Nigosdzan - The Mother Earth Game
CMC-09311A culturally and linguistically integrated curriculum: The Hualapai model
CMC-09411Ethnobotany of the Hualapai
CMC-09511Gigismas'm Mahank Miyuja
CMC-09611Gwe Ga Wi:chjik
CMC-09711Gwede gađed'm g'manka
CMC-09911Historic landsites of the Hualapai tribe
CMC-10011Hualapai Gwadi Hualapai Spudi
CMC-10111Hualapai Gwe Gwi: Gwe Bu:v
CMC-10411Nya hwalbay yivch yu
CMC-10511Waksi: wich
CMC-10611Hualapai cattle ranching
CMC-10811Wildlife on the Hualapai Reservation
CMC-10911Hualapai calendar
CMC-11012Ce:kol C Ban
CMC-11112Ha icu a: ga ab amjed g ko:ḍs
CMC-11212Komkcuḍ c cu:wĭ
CMC-11412O'odham ha-cecmait c pa:n
CMC-11512O'odham ha haha'a
CMC-11612O'odham ha-jeweḍga ceckṣañ
CMC-11712O'odham ha-nene'ei o'ohona
CMC-11812O'dham kaidag
CMC-11912U:gk Himdam
CMC-12012Layout for U: GK Himdam
CMC-12112We:wa'akk a'al
CMC-12212Tohonno O'odham Ha Cegtoidag c Ha 'icu A:ga
CMC-12312S-uam Wa:lko
CMC-12412The Funny Duck
CMC-12512Maṣad Kuintakuḍ 1980
CMC-12612Maṣad Kuintakuḍ 1981 Papago arts and crafts calendar
CMC-12712Maṣad Kuintakuḍ Papago children's art
CMC-12812Maṣad Kuintakuḍ The Papago Year
CMC-12912San Simon School yearbook 1978-1979
CMC-13013Baa Kaya Baa Siija
CMC-13113Bees Ganaavk Ŧñudja
CMC-13213Gwe Mohay
CMC-13313Gwe Vsŧdaagv Ijja
CMC-13413Helv Ŧñud Uujo Wamga
CMC-13513Hmañ Qaj Gwe Ŧñuudja
CMC-13613“The Horses and Mules of Havasupai” drafts
CMC-13713N.A.U. Basketball
CMC-13813Ñaa Gj'algahj tu Tahkeevm Myuujgyu
CMC-13913Ñaa Gnaavg
CMC-14013Oloñj, Muloñj Havsuwal Gwe Ŧŧhaadjñmwijgwi
CMC-14213Ŧñuud Gwaama
CMC-14313Wii Sŧohjg
CMC-14413Havsuwvl Wa Yoovja
CMC-14513Havsuw Gwe Buuvja Gwe Gwiija
CMC-14613Havasupai Trail to the Top
CMC-14813Gwe Yabay Gaj Ŧñudja Qej
CMC-14913Gwe Yabaaya
CMC-15013Hmaañ Qaj Ŧñud Uujo 85-86
CMC-15113Havasupai School 1984-85
CMC-15213Havsuw Baaj Maŧwiij
CMC-15313Ña Maaŧjva
CMC-15413Havsuw 'Baaja Hia'a Siija
CMC-15514Chinle School District No. 24 Catalog 1979/1980
CMC-15614Chinle Unified School District No. 24 Catalog 1982/1983
CMC-15714Number cards produced by the Chinle Unified School District No. 24 Navajo Curriculum Development and Production Center
CMC-15814Billy Goat
CMC-15914Bull riding for beginners
CMC-16014Christmas activity book
CMC-16114Diné Bikéyah Nizhóní
CMC-16214My Grandfather's Hat with worksheet
CMC-16314Grandmother's Magic
CMC-16414The Neighbor's Dog
CMC-16514A Sash Belt For Rosie
CMC-16614Shidá'í, The English Teacher
CMC-16714Today's Special: Nitsidigo'í
CMC-16814Hashké Yik'i Naayá
CMC-16914Magic Bracelet
CMC-17014When Animals Were Like People
CMC-17114Susie Chee's Comb
CMC-17214Willie Chee and the C.B.
CMC-17314Willie Chee and his Motorcycle
CMC-17414Willie Chee and Shearing Time
CMC-17514Willie Chee and the Piñon Tree
CMC-17614Willie Chee Goes to the Rodeo
CMC-17714It Wasn't a Werewolf
CMC-17814Willie Chee Goes to the Winter Olympics: Teacher's Edition
CMC-17914Happy Thanksgiving activity book
CMC-180.001 14Notes From An Underground Owl
CMC-180.00214Notes From An Underground Owl workbook
CMC-180.00314Notes From An Underground Owl Teachers’ Edition
CMC-180.00414Notes From An Underground Owl (Unbound Colored Edition)
CMC-181.001 14Sherry The Underground Owl Activity Book
CMC-181.00214Sherry The Underground Owl Activity Book (Teacher’s Edition)
CMC-18214Shicheii and the Colt
CMC-18314Grandmother's Yum-Yum
CMC-18414Grandfather's Work Moccasin
CMC-18514Speedy, The Speedster
CMC-18614A Pinto Bean Who Couldn't Multiply
CMC-18915Bilagáana Bił Kééhojit'įįgo
CMC-19015Dił Ats'íistah Naalnishgi
CMC-19115Diné Naaldlooshii Dah Deíléii Baa Hane'
CMC-19215Halįį' Baa Áhojilyąągi
CMC-19315Hastóí dóó Sáanii
CMC-19415Naaldlooshii Nizhónígo Bee Iináagi
CMC-19515Shash Bitoo'di Wódahgo Da ółta'ígíí Bí
CMC-19615Nihina'aldlooshii Bee Baa Dzííníidlíinii
CMC-19715Saad Bee Ahaa Nitsáhákeesígíí
CMC-19815Saad T'áá Aaníí Wójíhígíí
CMC-19915Tsíłkéí dóó Ch'ikéí
CMC-20015Wilt Chamberlain
CMC-20116Tsin Dahdiitł'in/ Tsé Beehoghan; Log Hogan / Stone Hogan
CMC-20216Hooghan Nímazí
CMC-20316Ałch'į' Adeez'á
CMC-204161976 Navajo calendar
CMC-20516Bik'ehgo Náhidizídí
CMC-20616Bik'ehgo Náhidizídí
CMC-20716Canoncito: Beautiful Past Beautiful Future
CMC-20916Illustrated Navajo alphabet cards for wall display
CMC-21016Ał'ąą' át'éego ádaalyaa
CMC-21216Pąąn Náhásdlįį'
CMC-21316Deestsiin choo'ínígi baahane'
CMC-21416Diné T'áá Ákogi Át'éii
CMC-21516Dinosaurs; Káá'ts'in
CMC-21716Mą'ii dóó Náshdóí Baa Hane'
CMC-21816Ma'ii Wáshindoongóó Deeyá
CMC-21916Naaldloshii Naach'ąąh
CMC-22016Navajo Heros
CMC-22116Shí' Łééchąą'í Táá'
CMC-22216Télii Yázhí
CMC-22416Navajo Music for Children; Áłchíní Biyiin
CMC-22516Báhí Baahane'
CMC-22616Naaldlooshii Baa Hane'
CMC-22716Chizh dóó tsin
CMC-22816Na'ahóóhaił chí'í
CMC-22916Naaltsoos Naalt'a'í Ádadiilnííł
CMC-23016The Navajo Alphabet
CMC-23116The Ramah Navahos; Tł'ohchiníjí Diné Kéédahat'íinii Baa Hane'
CMC-23216In Beauty We Teach: Four Years of Field Based Education, An Alternative Approach to Teacher Education for the Navajo; Nihinaa Hózhǫǫgo Ndaniitin
CMC-23316Dii K'ad Anaa'igii Baa Hane'
CMC-23516Stephannie And The Coyote
CMC-23716Saad Naashch'ąą'
CMC-23816Bruce Doo Bił Hóóts'íid Da
CMC-23916Navajo Life Series Preprimer 1944
CMC-24016Navajo Life Series Preprimer 1949
CMC-24116Away to School; 'Ólta'góó
CMC-24216The Flag of my Country; Shikéyah BidaNa'at'a'íh
CMC-24316Speckle and other Stories; Na'ahóóhai Łikizhí Dóó Náánáła' Dahane'ii
CMC-24416Coyote Tales
CMC-24516Who Wants to be a Prairie Dog
CMC-24616Little Herder in Winter
CMC-24716Little Herder in Spring
CMC-24816Little Herder in Summer
CMC-24916Little Herder in Autumn
CMC-25016I Want a Job; Naanish Hanishá
CMC-25116Why Can't Joe Begay Read?
CMC-25216Learning English; Bilagáána Bizaad Bíhoo'aah
CMC-25316Helps For Bible Study; Diyin God Bizaad Bóhooł'aahgo Yeeníká'adoolwołígíí
CMC-25416A Navajo Boy's Heart; Naabeehó Ashkii Bijéí
CMC-25516Diglot Favorites
CMC-25616When Culture's Clash: An Anthology of Writing's Pertaining to the Navajo People, 1630's - 1930'sLaughter: The Navajo Way
CMC-25716Laughter: The Navajo Way
CMC-25816Hane' Yázhí Áłchíní Binaaltsoos
CMC-25916Eskimo Cook Book
CMC-26016Primary Eskimo Program: A Newsletter in Bilingual Education, Vol. 1
CMC-26116Dziisruk'uidze Ubewi Siw'áat'aanikuya
CMC-26216Mississippi band of Choctaw Indians - An Era of Change
CMC-26316Yoem Hiohtei: Yaqui Writing System; Yoem Hiohtei
CMC-26416Hinne Káalaacheesh
CMC-26516Emilysh Isbaaaxuawaalaáchisshe
CMC-26616Santa Clara vowels
CMC-26716Khun Di Wowatsi
CMC-26816Wi Okhuwa-ee
CMC-26916Wi Okhuwa-ee
CMC-27016Joe-ń Bi Lhi
CMC-27116The Little Kitten; Nishduye Bizááyi
CMC-27216Bi Naaye
CMC-27416Running; Hutas
CMC-27516Itsatsu Bit'a Bizayen
CMC-27616The Holy Number: A Lakota Legend
CMC-277.00116A Mishomis Book. A History-Coloring Book of the Ojibway Indians. Book No. 1: The Ojibway Creation Story
CMC-277.00216A Mishomis Book. A History-Coloring Book of the Ojibway Indians. Book No. 2: Original Man Walks the Earth
CMC-27816Stories of the Cherokees
CMC-27916Hi and Lois; ᏏᏂ ᎠᎴ ᎶᏏ
CMC-28016Language in American Indian Education: A Newsletter of the Office of Education Programs Bureau of Indian Affairs, United States Department of the Interior
CMC-28116Nnee Baa Nadaagolni'
CMC-28216Program for National Indian Bilingual Center Arizona Satellite Workshop Series II: Northern California cluster American Indian Language and Curriculum institute, August 6 - 10, 1984
CMC-28316Daybreak Star, Vol. VIII, No. 5
CMC-28416Color Us Indian
CMC-28516Larry Laughingboy Alias Superchief
CMC-28616Going to the Indian Pow-Wow coloring book
CMC-28717Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands
CMC-28817Topics in Culture Learning, Volume 2, 1974
CMC-28917Some Things of Value: Micronesian Customs as Seen by Miconesians
CMC-29017O Le Olaga Maloloina
CMC-29117Dogu hagadili
CMC-29417Yap Our Island
CMC-29517Ba Buulyal Ni Ba Baalyaang
CMC-29717Idel Mael
CMC-29817Idel Yiig
CMC-29917Kaptal Helen
CMC-30117Muu Piiq…
CMC-30217How Yap got its English Name; Rogon Nii Sum Fithngaan Yu Waqab Ni Yap
CMC-30417Samal Geech
CMC-30617Tamag Nii Yaen Ngaa Maarket
CMC-30717MA AN
CMC-30817Dahkot met?
CMC-30917Ihs Me Ah Imwe Nah Kene Were
CMC-31017Kahtet oh kidiet mwedongki mpwei
CMC-31217Mpwei Lingan
CMC-31317Nahn, Kaht!
CMC-31417Nahn Pwihk Kohdo Mwenge
CMC-31517Ramune Lingan
CMC-31617Sado Perenki Mwadongki Kisin Wahr
CMC-31717Sakau Pwoat Met
CMC-31817Wie Mwangas
CMC-31917Hafa Mas Ya-Ña?
CMC-32017Hafa Taimanu Mama'afok?
CMC-32117I Agaga' Na Abubu
CMC-32217I Bola
CMC-32317I Eskuela
CMC-32417I Guihan
CMC-32517I Maolek na Patgon
CMC-32617I Paluma
CMC-32717I Tres Na Manamigu
CMC-32917Luta Mas Maolek
CMC-33017Para Manu Hao
CMC-33117Si Pedro Yan I Ga'lagu
CMC-33217Si Rino Yan I Babui
CMC-33317Si Tan Maria Yan I Neni-ña Yan Si Ton Pedro
CMC-33417Si Tata Yan Si Nana
CMC-33617Beab Ma Rekung
CMC-33717Bebil er a Kall el Dellomel
CMC-33817Bersoech er a Chelechui
CMC-34017Chisel A Ekebil…
CMC-34117Helen Keller
CMC-34217Ka Dolangch
CMC-34317Katuu Ma Beab
CMC-34417Klekedllel A Bednged Ng Lilchesii
CMC-34617Mongkii ma chedeng ma ius
CMC-34717Ngera A Teletelel
CMC-34817Urerel a kleke dellel a bedenged
CMC-34917Supportive Cycle
CMC-35117Ngera Chiis!!!
CMC-35217Second Annual School Fair: Palau
CMC-35317Your Magazine, Number 1, January 1977
CMC-354.00117Shining Star, Number 2, June 1977
CMC-354.00217Shining Star, Number 3, June 1978
CMC-35517Ãindein Mour
CMC-35617Jãn Ijin Ñan Ijen
CMC-35717Buk In Jeje
CMC-36117Bao Kilebleb
CMC-36317Buk In Jino Waak Jeje
CMC-36417Buk 2
CMC-36517Bwebwenato In Laddik Ro Nājin Jemeluit
CMC-36617Epilo Yokure
CMC-367.00117Jilu Ajiri Primer
CMC-367.00217Jilu Ajiri Primer 1
CMC-367.00217Jilu Ajiri Primer 2
CMC-367.00217Jilu Ajiri Primer 3
CMC-367.00217Jilu Ajiri Reading Teacher’s Manual
CMC-36817Fourth Grade Teacher's Manual: Art
CMC-37017Kangaroo Tales
CMC-37317Wa ko
CMC-37417Reaar Ñan Kapilõñ
CMC-37517Tūkjinede nan Ajiri In Marshall
CMC-376.00217Tira Pre-Primer 4
CMC-377.001 17Tonachow and Kiriwo; A Story About Truk
CMC-377.001 17Tonachow and Kiriwo; Bwebwenato Kōn Ruk
CMC-378.00117Wōjlā Eo Moktata
CMC-378.00117Wōjlā Eo Moktata (Translation)
CMC-37917Fiji Information And Legends
CMC-380.00117Iroj In Lojet
CMC-380.00217Dagi O Di Moana
CMC-380.00317Nahnmwarki En Nan Sed
CMC-380.00417Ewe Kinggen Faan Saat
CMC-380.00517Merredel er a Daob
CMC-380.00617Piiluung Nuu Madaay
CMC-38117English as a Second Language Manual: Basic Principles and Techniques
CMC-38218Forked Tongues: Methods of Creating Bicultural Drama
CMC-38318English as a Second Language: Basic Principles and Techniques
CMC-38418Principles of Education for Teachers in Africa
CMC-385.00118TKK Book 1A
CMC-385.00218TKK Kenya Primary Course: Luyia
CMC-385.00318TKK Kenya Primary Course: Kiswahi
CMC-38618Frisian-Dutch Bilingual Primary Books
CMC-38818Research On Kiswahili “going on”
CMC-38918No Room for Tribes, GG Tells Leaders
CMC-39018200 Teachers are Disciplined
CMC-39118Kamotho Defends the Private Schools
CMC-39218Broadcasts to Schools: Primary English STD III (Terms 2 and 3): Notes For Teachers
CMC-39318Poems in English by White Mountain Apache Students
CMC-39418Native American Poems in English
CMC-39518Learning English and how to be Silent: Studies in American Indian Classrooms
CMC-39618Tips to Teachers
CMC-39718Some suggestions for a university program in Navajo linguistics
CMC-39818A Selective Educational Bibliography of Information and Resources Useful in Navajo/Native American Education
CMC-39918Navajo Reading Study: Description and Bibliography
CMC-40018Analytical Bibliography of Navajo Reading Materials
CMC-401.00118The Writers' Reader: Fall, 1967
CMC-401.00218The Writers' Reader: Spring, 1968
CMC-402.001 18Fourth Annual Vincent Price Awards in Creative Writing
CMC-402.00218Fifth Annual Vincent Price Awards in Creative Writing
CMC-40318The Indian Student is not Low Man on the Totem Pole
CMC-40418The Indian Student is not Low Man on the Totem Pole
CMC-40519Senses activities game
CMC-40619A dictionary of the Havasupai Language