Davetta Geimausaddle Collection

Languages Represented: The collection materials are in Kiowa and English.

Extent: 86 items

Collection Date Range: 1942 - 1997

Creators: Davetta Geimausaddle

Collection Identifier: DGE

Abstract: The Davetta Geimausaddle Collection is an audio collection of Kiowa stories, songs, sermons and meetings recorded throughout the 1940s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

Acquisition Information: These records came to the Sam Noble Museum in three deposits from Davetta Geimausaddle, with the initial deposit occurring in 2010 and subsequent deposits in 2011 and 2016.

Access Restrictions: The materials are open for research. Contact the NALC at (405) 325-3332 or language.samnoblemuseum@ou.edu.

Cite As: [title], [catalog number], Davetta Geimausaddle Collection, Sam Noble Museum Department of Native American Languages.

Collection Scope and Contents: Davetta Geimausaddle is a member of the Kiowa tribe and author of the book, “The Process of Revising the Kiowa Constitution.” For more than 15 years she served as an academic counselor in the department of psychology at the University of Oklahoma, her alma mater. She received her master of arts degree in Native American studies and has held memberships in the American War Mothers and Kiowa Chapter 18 Societies, as well as the Grass Roots Kiowa Indian Council.

During her time at OU she periodically worked with the Native American Languages Collection (NALC) at the Sam Noble Museum to have her collection of Kiowa audio recordings preserved. The Davetta Geimausaddle Collection features audio recordings of stories, songs, sermons and meetings in the Kiowa language. Originally collected by Davetta’s father on audiocassette and handed down to his daughter later in life, the recordings were restored by the NALC prior to each deposit.

With the exception of “Old Man Horse, 06/16/1942,” the recordings date from 1973 - 1994 and feature the voices of Kiowa elders Marion Leatrice Doyete, Walter Geionety, Nina Storz, Joe Tapesett and Bill and Ellis Lone Wolf. The recordings were made in the town of Hulbert, Oklahoma, Hobart in Kiowa County, southwest Oklahoma, and other unidentified locations.

The contents of the collection reflect the original arrangement of the collector.

Catalog #Title
DGE-001Kiowa prayer song featuring Bill Lone Wolf, 1982
DGE-002Kiowa hymns/prayer songs, featuring Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lone Wolf
DGE-003Bill Lone Wolf: Kiowa church songs 1977 - 1978
DGE-004Kiowa prayer song
DGE-005Bill Lone Wolf: Kiowa songs finished Sept. 6, 1982
DGE-006Bill Lone Wolf: church songs, Jan. 20, 1978
DGE-007Mr. & Mrs. Bill Lone Wolf: Old and new church songs, Dec. 12, 1982
DGE-008New song 78
DGE-009Audio recording of a Kiowa meeting
DGE-0102 new songs / At the start
DGE-011Kiowa prayer songs, featuring Bill Lone Wolf, plus some Kiowa radio broadcasting information
DGE-012Nina Storz: Kiowa story, March 31, 1994; Bill Lone Wolf: Kiowa prayer singing
DGE-013Kiowa hymns, church and prayer songs
DGE-014Kiowa group and solo prayer songs
DGE-015Church songs and sermon and Kiowa prayer song
DGE-016Audio recording featuring a conversation between Kiowa elders concerning court cases and money issues
DGE-017Kiowa church song, by Bill Lone Wolf
DGE-018Bill Lone Wolf: Kiowa church song
DGE-019Kiowa peyote song 1976
DGE-020Audio recording of a Kiowa meeting
DGE-021Kiowa gourd and prayer songs
DGE-022Audio recording of a discussion (possibly a court hearing) about Bill and Ellis Lone Wolf's land with a focus on the years 1884 - 1935; Kiowa church sermon
DGE-023Kiowa Heaven songs, church songs
DGE-024Audio recording of Bill Lone Wolf singing Kiowa prayer songs, 1982
DGE-025Bill Lone Wolf: new and old Kiowa songs
DGE-026Bill Lone Wolf, Dec. 31, 1973
DGE-027Kiowa church songs by Bill Lone Wolf and featuring Ellis Lone Wolf
DGE-028Kiowa church songs and sermon, Jan. 24, 1983; Bill Lone Wolf singing Kiowa prayer songs
DGE-030Kiowa peyote song, June 12, 1978, and Kiowa church song
DGE-031Kiowa camp meeting with songs and sermon, Sept. 5, 1985; Kiowa church song featuring Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lone Wolf
DGE-032Kiowa church sermon and songs featuring Bill Lone Wolf, Hobart, Oklahoma
DGE-033Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lone Wolf: old, new, and Christmas songs in Kiowa
DGE-034Bill Lone Wolf and others: Kiowa prayer song
DGE-035Two Kiowa prayer songs
DGE-036Kiowa church songs
DGE-037Bill Lone Wolf: Kiowa church songs, 1980
DGE-038Bill Lone Wolf: various Kiowa prayer songs
DGE-039Bill Lone Wolf: Kiowa prayer songs, July 1983
DGE-040Kiowa hymns and sermon, Aug. 25, 1984
DGE-041Kiowa radio program, Hulbert, Oklahoma; Bill Lone Wolf: Kiowa prayer songs, Feb. 7, 1981
DGE-042Kiowa church service with prayer songs, Jan. 30, 1983
DGE-043Kiowa tribal and church songs
DGE-044Bill Lone Wolf: Kiowa prayer songs, Feb. 4, 1984
DGE-045Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lone Wolf: Kiowa prayer songs, duets
DGE-046Kiowa church sermon, 1981; Kiowa prayer songs by Bill Lone Wolf, July 5, 1981
DGE-047Marion Leatrice Doyete: Kiowa hymns Oct. 25, 1992
DGE-048Bill Lone Wolf: Kiowa church songs (1984?)
DGE-049Old Man Horse, June 16, 1942
DGE-050Yellow Hammer
DGE-051Kiowa Singing
DGE-052.001Untitled Kiowa Ceremony, Part 1
DGE-052.002Untitled Kiowa Ceremony, Part 2
DGE-053Kiowa Ceremony Recording
DGE-054Ya Gi Sonne 4 Church Songs; Bintas Song 20 Eagle this side March Never Li Yi Mei
DGE-055Walter & Geo. Geionety Ind. Singing 20 Br. J. Lonewolf, July 31, 1985; Walter Geionety Singing Bell Wood Tape, Aug. 10, 1982
DGE-056Bill Lonewolf, 13 Church Songs, December, January 1982 O.K. + 1 song
DGE-057Bill Lonewolf, Church Songs, December 1981 - January & February 1982
DGE-058Naw Si; Church Revival
DGE-059Jan. 14, 1981 New Song; Jan. 26, 1984 New Song
DGE-060May 29, 1984 Sum. P.M. Woden Cry S-OK; Miss M's Glaw Jones
DGE-061May 28, 1984 Boone
DGE-063Kiowa Hymns
DGE-064Meeting Denny
DGE-065Church Hymns
DGE-066Nov. 25, 1989 Old House; Language Class, Family Get-Together
DGE-067Mr. & Mrs. B. Lonewolf, Old & New Songs; Christmas Song
DGE-068Boone March 24, 1985; Boone March 24, 1985
DGE-069All New Songs
DGE-0703 New Songs
DGE-071Poolaw Tape, March 21, 1997
DGE-072Poolaw Tape, March 21, 1987 P. Meeting Nite K. Song; B
DGE-073Jeson July 16,1979, Revival & Kiowa Hymns
DGE-074Boone, Revival & Kiowa Hymns
DGE-075KTJS 10-10-1982, Kiowa Hymn Singing
DGE-076Long July
DGE-077Joe Tapesett 13 Songs
DGE-078Old Song 1977; Old Song July 16, 1977
DGE-079Walter Geionty Incl. singing Original August 1985; BML Wolf Kiowa Song Sept. 14
DGE-080Boone 03.24.1985
DGE-0816 New Songs 08.1984 G.G.S; 4 New Songs 07.27.1984
DGE-082New Songs Dec. 5, 1984 - I Seen Another Day; Kiowa Hymns
DGE-083Kiowa Songs
DGE-084New Song Tape
DGE-085P. Meeting October 9, 1983, Here at Home; Sept. 9, 1983