Loretta Fowler Collection

Languages Represented: The collection materials are in Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, Shawnee and English.

Extent: 24 items

Collection Date Range: 1940 - 1998

Creators: Loretta Fowler

Collection Identifier: LFO 

Abstract: The Loretta Fowler Collection features grammars, manuscripts and fully transcribed audio language lessons in Choctaw, Creek, Cherokee and Seminole.

Acquisition Information: These records came to the Sam Noble Museum from Loretta Fowler as three separate deposits. The first occurred in 2003 with subsequent deposits occurring in 2004 and 2006.

Access Restrictions: The materials are open for research. Contact the NALC at 405-325-3332 or language.samnoblemuseum@ou.edu.

Cite As: [title], [catalog number], Loretta Fowler Collection, Sam Noble Museum Department of Native American Languages.

Collection Scope and Contents: Loretta Fowler is a professor emeritus of the University of Oklahoma (OU), whose research interests span the fields of politics, historical and interpretive anthropology and the Native North American Plains. She has written several books including “Tribal Sovereignty and the Historical Imagination: Cheyenne-Arapaho Politics,” “The Columbia Guide to American Indians of the Great Plains” and “Wives and Husbands: Gender and Age in Southern Arapaho History.” She has also served as ethnohistorian and editor for the educational website “Indians of the Midwest, Past and Present.”

While at OU she collected Native American language materials and in 2003 started the Loretta Fowler Collection at the Sam Noble Museum. The collection consists of audio recordings and print-based artifacts dating from 1940 to 1998 and focus on the Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek and Shawnee languages.

Among the recordings are more than nine hours of original reel-to-reel tapes and master audiocassettes of Choctaw, Creek and Cherokee language lessons from the University of Oklahoma Modern Languages, Literature and Linguistics Lab. Full print transcriptions accompany the recordings.

The collection also features Choctaw and Shawnee grammars, and documents pertaining to the University of Oklahoma Native American Languages Program, the sounds of the Mvskoke-Creek-Seminole language and Shawnee stress patterns and phonological assimilations.

Catalog #Title
LFO-001.001 Beginning Choctaw, Audio Lessons 1-10
LFO-001.002Beginning Choctaw, Audio Lessons 1-10
LFO-001.003ranscription of Beginning Choctaw, Audio Lessons 1-10
LFO-002.001 Beginning Choctaw, Audio Lessons 1-10
LFO-002.002 Beginning Creek, Audio Lessons 1-12
LFO-002.003 Transcription of Beginning Creek, Audio Lessons 1-12
LFO-003.001 Beginning Cherokee, Audio Lessons 1-6
LFO-003.002 Beginning Cherokee, Audio Lessons 1-6
LFO-003.003 Transcription of Beginning Cherokee, Audio Lessons 1-6
LFO-004Miscellaneous Papers Concerning the Native American Languages Program at the University of Oklahoma
LFO-005 Grammar Sketch of Shawnee
LFO-006Carrying the World Along: Minority Fields and Identity Management in a Shawnee Indian Community in Oklahoma
LFO-007 Survey of Plains Camping Groups
LFO-008Chahta Anumpa: A Grammar of the Choctaw Language
LFO-009Creek I Study Notes: Intro to the Sounds of the Mvskoke-Creek-Seminole Language
LFO-010 Jalagi Ta?li: Cherokee II, Spring 1998
LFO-011 Jalagi Sagwu digowhelv?i: Cherokee I Lessons, Spring 1998
LFO-012Native American Language Instruction at the University of Oklahoma
LFO-013 Beginning Cherokee I
LFO-014 Jalagi Sagwu: Cherokee I, Fall 1997
LFO-015Shawnee and Place: A Geometric Feature Analysis of Phonological Assimilations
LFO-016 Assignment of Feet in the Stress Pattern of Shawnee
LFO-017 A Brief Encounter With Shawnee
LFO-018 Analysis of Absentee Shawnee