Phil & Vynola Newkumet Collection

Languages Represented: The collection materials are in Plains Apache, Arapaho, Aztec, Caddo, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Chickasaw, Comanche, Creek, Jemez, Kaqchikel, Kiowa, Maori, Navajo, Otoe, Paoa, Pawnee, Ponca, Quapaw, Seneca, Shawnee, Sioux, Unami, Ute, Wichita, Zutugil and English.

Extent: 425 items

Collection Date Range: 1942-1997

Creators: Phil & Vynola Newkumet

Collection Identifier: PVN

Abstract: The Phil & Vynola Newkumet Collection features audio and video recordings of songs, dances, language lessons, spoken word sessions, social events and radio broadcasts in more than 20 Native American and Indigenous languages, including Apache, Arapaho, Aztec, Caddo, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Chickasaw, Comanche, Creek, Delaware, Jemez, Kaqchikel, Kiowa, Maori, Navajo, Otoe, Paoa, Pawnee, Ponca, Quapaw, Seneca, Shawnee, Sioux, Ute, Wichita and Zutugil.

Acquisition Information: These records came to the Sam Noble Museum in 2008 and were deposited by Tracy Newkumet.

Access Restrictions: The materials are open for research. Some restrictions apply. Contact the NALC at (405) 325-3332 or

Cite As: [title], [catalog number], Phil & Vynola Newkumet Collection, Sam Noble Museum Department of Native American Languages. 

Collection Scope and Contents: The Phil & Vynola Newkumet Collection features audio and video recordings of songs, dances, language lessons, spoken word sessions, social events and radio broadcasts in more than 20 Native American and Indigenous languages.

The materials date from 1942-1997 and feature the voices of more than 70 Native speakers and groups, including Jess and Viola Ahdunko, David and Emma Apekaum, George and Stella Beaver, Bill Bedoka, Harry Bell, Clara Brown, Geneva Carrel, Leon Carter, Wallace Chafe, Virginia Crawley, Frank and Reathia Cussen, John Davis, Jeri Duval, Frank and Ellen Edge, Houston Edmonds, Joe Edmonds, Kenneth Edmonds, Lewis Edmonds, Lowell Edmonds, Prudy Weller Edmonds, Randy Edmonds, Wendell Edmonds, Wimpy Edmonds, Paul Frank, Hubert Halfmoon, Eugene Heflin, Billie Ruth Hoff, Virginia Holder, Mary Inkanish, Frank Jackson, Amanda Kichai, Jack Kionute, Lyndon LaRouche, Reathia Mae, Mike Martin, Beth and Madeline Meininger, Claude and Hubert Melford, Ralph Murrow, Phil and Vynola Newkumet, Tracy Newkumet, Stewart Owings, Pat Parton, Lewis Randlett, Jack Shantsy, Bill Shawnee, Jack Sheats, Hank Shemayme, Jack Shiatse/Shiatee, Stella & George B. Sitting, Harry Smith, Mary Smith, Laura Tahbonemah, Doris Tonemah, Henry (Hank) Weller, Don Whistler, Frank Whitebead, Irvin Whitebead, Reuben Whitebead, Lefty Williams, Francis Williams, Melford and Wynona Williams, Ruth Wilson, Viola Wilson, David Wind, the Bacone College Singers and the Wichita Tribal Singers.

The contents of the recordings in terms of language are varied. The Apache recordings are of peyote singing and other songs, and all Arapaho, Comanche and Maori recordings are songs. The recordings in Aztec are spoken word and date to 1942.

Materials in the Caddo language date from the 1960s to the 1990s and include recordings of dances, discussions, handgames, language lessons, meetings, prayers, songs, spoken word and stories. The recordings were made in various locations, including Anadarko, Oklahoma; the Caddo Community House in Binger, Oklahoma; Cromwell, Oklahoma; the Whitebead Dance Grounds in central Oklahoma; Marrow’s Dance Grounds; and Barrow, Alaska. There are also several radio broadcasts from station WNAD’s Indians for Indians radio program from the 1940s, 1960s and 1970s that feature Caddo history and group singing.

There are recordings of Cherokee and Quapaw songs and dances, Cheyenne dances from the 1970s and Southern Cheyenne songs, and Chickasaw customs.

Materials in Creek include audio documentation of songs, dances and conversations broadcast from radio station WNAD in the 1960s and 1970s, plus a stomp dance at Arbeka ceremonial ground in Okmulgee County, Oklahoma, from July 1968.

Recordings in Unami (Delaware) include songs, dances, spoken word, language lessons and stories.

Recordings in Jemez, Kaqchikel, Paoa, Zutogil are spoken word and date to 1942.

There are dances in Kiowa, Navajo, Otoe, Pawnee, Seneca, Shawnee and Ute. The dates are unknown. The dances and songs in Wichita are from the 1970s.

The recordings in Ponca are of radio music and the collection features music in Sioux as well. Materials in Wichita include dances and songs from the 1970s.

Among the audio recordings are broadcasts from radio station KRPT in the mid-1970s and the Indians for Indians Program.

The collection also includes films produced by Ned Hockman and his students at the University of Oklahoma. They include video footage of the Washita Monument to the Plains Indians, “Ned Hockman Immortalized,” and “Bride of the Morning Star (Poncas),” and “Caddo turkey dance.”

Catalog #Title
PVN-001Traditional Music of the Maori
PVN-002Fairness in Media
PVN-004Binger “T”: Drum Songs = Irvin, Hubert
PVN-005Prayer Song, Wimpy, May 4, 1993; Bear, Alligator Prayer, June 1, 1993
PVN-006Houston Edmonds, Drum Dance Songs
PVN-007Reagan, Feb. 18, 1981
PVN-008Wimpy Edmonds, War Dance
PVN-009KRPT Ahad March 9, 1974, KRPT April 20,1974, Handgame
PVN-010Cheyenne War Dance, Drum Dance, Sept. 1, 1970
PVN-011Reagan 1984, Various Contemporary Music Recordings
PVN-012Sunrise Song, Pres. Bush Talk Jan. 16, 1991
PVN-013South Africa Debate Excerpts with Dr. Jerry Falwell
PVN-014Mary Smith, Caddo Women Dance (at Pete & Josie’s), Mix
PVN-015Wimpy Edmonds, Andy D., Gee. B, Leon Carter, Max T., Turkey Dance, June 6, 1970; War Dances
PVN-016Turkey Dance; WNAD Creek Songs, Talk
PVN-017Delaware Duck Dance, Stirrup Dance
PVN-018Houston and Paul Frank, Arapaho Ghost Dance Songs; Houston Edmonds, Caddo Ghost Dance Songs
PVN-019Ghost Dance, September 1965
PVN-020Ghost Dance, Drum Dance, Some Ladies’ Choice, July 1961
PVN-021Ghost Dance; Houston, Andy, Ralph; Frank Edge, Melford, Wimpy, Louis, Ruth, Viola, September 1971; Ghost Dance
PVN-022Ghost Dance, Melford Williams’ Tape #2 and #6
PVN-023Haeremai Ki Au: Welcome, Come with me, Come with me ...
PVN-024Haeremai - Pa Mai - Mehe Manu Rere - Tutira Mai Nga Iwi - Tahi Nei Taro Kino - Tiaho Po - Hokihoki Tonu Mau; St. Joseph’s Maori Girls’ Choir, Pokarekare
PVN-025St. Joseph’s Maori Girls’ Choir, Pokarekare
PVN-026New Zealand - Ch. 13, March 31, 1986
PVN-027Ghost Dance, Old Lullaby, Riding Song
PVN-028Vynola, Phil, & Tracy, at Hotel Tahara‘a, Arue, Tahiti, May 1978
PVN-029Lecture Tape: March 2, 1976, Apache, Creek & Caddo songs; Caddo - Handgames, 1964/1968?
PVN-030Houston Edmonds, Riding Songs, Drum Dance Songs, Ghost Dance
PVN-031Rush Limbaugh, Oct. 22, 1996, with J.C. Watts Feb. 4, 1997
PVN-032Houston Edmonds, Caddo Riding Songs, Ghost Dance; Mary Inkanish, April 10, 1976; Stanley Edge, Old Lullaby, Riding Songs; Alice Inkanish; Houston Edmonds, 11 Ridings
PVN-033Bear Dance, Drum Dance
PVN-034Bear Dance, Fish Dance, Duck Dance, Bell Dance, Morning Dance; Caddo Dance Songs, Turkey Dance, Flag Song, Bear Dance
PVN-035Madeline Meininger, Received Monday, Jan. 21, 1985
PVN-036Quapaw Dance Songs; Turkey Dance; Drum Dance; Ladies Choice
PVN-037Indians for Indians, 1946, Caddo Group Singing Program, Jack Kionute Announcing; Indians for Indians Program, Don Whistler, WNAD, Oklahoma University, Jake Kionute Announcing. Caddo Songs. Houston Edmonds.
PVN-038Bill Shawnee, Delaware Songs, Caddo Swing Dance, Women Dance, Fish Dance, Cherokee Dance; Wallace Chafe, Caddo Words, Story. Quapaw Dance Songs by Lefty Tilliams; Bill Shawnee; Women Dance Hymns
PVN-039Lefty Williams and Others, Caddo Words and Language; Amanda Kichai, Chickasaw Woman Married To Delaware Man; Delaware Customs and Chickasaw Medicine
PVN-040From Reathia's Stomp Dance
PVN-041Caddo Corn Dance, Bell Dance, Cherokee Dance, Corn Dance, Quapaw Dance, Swing Dance, Stirrup, Fish Dance, Bear Dance
PVN-042Turkey Dance, July 15, 1972; War Dance
PVN-043Pawnee, Caddo Ghost Dance Songs; WNAD, Caddo History
PVN-044Caddo Dances and Group Singing
PVN-045Caddo Dances and Group Singing
PVN-046Caddo Turkey Dance, Riding Dance
PVN-047George Beaver, Jack Sheats, Melford, Riding Songs, War Dance, Turkey Dance, Caddo 49, Washaniki; Wimpy Edmonds and Hubert Melford, Washaniki, Fish Dance, Quapaw Dance, Alligator Dance, Flag Dance, Apache Peyote Singing
PVN-048Caddo Dances
PVN-049Caddo Language Lessons, Nov. 6, 1971; Nov. 14, 1971; Nov. 20, 1971; Dec. 12,1971
PVN-050Caddo Language Lessons, Oct. 3, 1971; Oct. 9, 1971; Oct. 23, 1971; Oct. 16, 1971; Jan. 2, 1972
PVN-051Old Caddo Songs
PVN-052Dad's Drum Dance Songs, Dec. 14,1967; 1st Moon Landing
PVN-053Caddo Language Lessons, Aug. 28, 1971; Sept. 25, 1971, Caddo Songs
PVN-054Everest Records “War and Dance Songs” Folkways Records “Indian Music of the Southwest”; “War Whoops & Medicine Songs” Everest Records “Authentic Music of the American Indian” and others
PVN-055Wallace Chafe, Words, 2 Caddo Stories; Lefty Williams, Quapaw Dance; Bill Shawnee, Quapaw Dance; Lefty and Others, Caddo Words; Amanda Kichai, Delaware Customs; Hubert Halfmoon Visiting at 729 Elmwood, Jan. 9, 1981. Caddo Songs; Lefty Williams, Ghost Dance; Church Songs by Prudy Weller Edmonds and Clara Brown; Lefty Singing Cherokee Dance
PVN-056Caddo Language Lessons, May 1, 1971
PVN-057Indian Sounds 1983 Various Caddo Dance Songs
PVN-058Melford Williams, Caddo Dance Songs, No. 8
PVN-059Ghost Dance
PVN-060Corn Dance, Bell Dance, Cherokee Dance; Women's Dance, Ladies Choice
PVN-061Melford Williams, Caddo Dance Songs, No. 6
PVN-062Ghost Dance
PVN-063Bacone College Singers
PVN-064Caddo Turkey Dance Songs
PVN-065Doing Delaware Language
PVN-066Sept. 12, 1965, at Melford & Wynona Williams' Camp at Comm. House, Drum Dance, Round Dance, Morning Dance; Turkey Dance; Wimpy Edmonds Sings Ladies’ Choice
PVN-067The Washita Monument To The Plains Indians; Ned Hockman Immortalized; Bride of the Morning Star - Poncas
PVN-068Films Produced by Ned Hockman and His Students, University of Oklahoma (Ned Hockman, Phil Newkumet, Sept. 5, 1994)
PVN-069Nu Ka oa Shun: Turkey Dance, Tradition of the Caddo
PVN-070Woman Dance; Cherokee #10; Caddo Language Lessons & Songs, June 12, 1791
PVN-071Aug. 30,1980, Commun. House; Drum Dance; Swing Dance; Caddo War Dance; Kiowa War Donce; Wimpy Edmonds, Louis Randlett E, Hubert H. Pearl Wars, Recorded by George Pennington, Sept. 27, 1980
PVN-072Language; Stewart Owings, Wichita Ghost Dance and Prayer Song Sept. 2, 1979
PVN-073Woman's Dance; Ghost Dance; Wick Ghost; Drum House & Fish; Bell Dance; Ladies’ Choice; Bear Dance; Quapaw Dance
PVN-074Turkey Dance for Stella, July 11, 1970
PVN-075WNAD, May 29, 1962. Drum, Ghost, Morning Dance Songs; Some '49 and Round Dance
PVN-076Quapaw, Cherokee Dance Songs; Stella & George B. Sitting By (Stomp, Quapaw, Bell Dances)
PVN-077Cherokee Dance, A.M. Dance Songs; Whitebead Hasinai Campgrounds Sept. 25, 1976
PVN-078Vynola Taping From Iroquois 8-trak or Record, Caddo; Cherokee; Alligator; Swing; Quapaw; Cherokee
PVN-079WNAD, July 18, 1970
PVN-080Whitebead Hasinai Dance Grounds Sept. 25, 1976
PVN-081Turkey Dance with Vynola & Tracy Newkumet, July 20,1974, at Whitebead Center; Alligator and Swing Dances, July 20,1974, at Whitebead Center
PVN-082WNAD Radio, May 29, 1962; Lawrence Cone Recording, Oct. 28, 1961; Melford's Camp, Sept. 12, 1965
PVN-083Caddo Language Class
PVN-084Caddo Flag Song & Ghost Stories at Graham, TX; Seneca Alligator Dance
PVN-085Drum Dance, Round Dance at Wm's Camp; Corn Dance, Ghost Dance, and Ladies’ Choice
PVN-086Women Dance Songs; Hand Game, Prayer, Howl, WNAD Radio Talk
PVN-087Duck, Corn, Ladies’ Choice, Cherokee, Quapaw, War and Round Dances, Nov. 5, 1972
PVN-088Stella and Vynola, Wichita; Wichita Ghost War Song; Caddo Language Lesson, January 1972; War Dance; Delaware Talk
PVN-089Caddo Language #23, Nov. 20, 1971
PVN-090Jess Ahdunko at Whitebead's, Aug. 12, 1978
PVN-091Women Dance (Harry Smith 1961), Stomp Dance, Corn Dance
PVN-092Ghost, Corn, Cherokee, Stirrup, Turkey Dance, Flag Song
PVN-093Tracy, Vynola, and Phil Newkumet at 729 Elmwood, December 9, 1979; Christmas Party, Dec. 18, 1979, Writer's Club at 729 Elmwood
PVN-094Caddo Lesson #6, June 5, 1971, Nature, Colors, and Objects
PVN-096Women's Dance, July 10, 1964; Women's Dance, Harry Smith, 1961 + Stomp, Corn Dances
PVN-097Labor Day, Sept. 3, 1973, Comm. House. Drum, Duck, Quapaw, Ghost, Corn Dances; Vynola, Stella - Caddo Corn Dance, Bell Dance, Women's Dance, Bell, Ladies’ Choice, War Dance, WNAD Radio
PVN-098Hank Shemayme Interpreting Francis W’ms March 27, 1981
PVN-099Caddo Language: "I Make, You Build" to "I Walk, You Walk"
PVN-100Francis Wm's Talk
PVN-1112-1; 2-2
PVN-118Caddo Language Tape, Oct. 23, 1971; Oct. 31, 1971
PVN-119Caddo Language Lesson 17, Oct. 3, 1971
PVN-120Caddo Language Lesson, Nov. 20, 1971
PVN-121Caddo Language Lesson 17
PVN-122Caddo Language Lesson Review, Aug. 7, 1971, Sept. 20, 1971
PVN-123Sentences 1-29, Caddo Language Lesson 17
PVN-124Caddo Lesson #16
PVN-125Caddo Language Lesson #15
PVN-126Caddo Language Lesson #12
PVN-127Caddo Language Lesson #11-12
PVN-128Caddo Language Lesson 6, Wearing Apparel; Lesson 7, Animals
PVN-129Caddo Language Lesson 4, May 22, 1971
PVN-130Sunny's Tape Caddo Lesson #4 & 5, May 22,1971
PVN-131Caddo Language Lesson 1
PVN-132Caddo Language Lesson #1, No Order - Operational
PVN-133Caddo Language Sentences - End of Lesson 2 and Part of #4 Foods
PVN-134Caddo Language Oct. 31, 1971
PVN-138Drum Dance, Labor Day Dance, Bell Dance, at Binger 'Y' Sept. 6, 1987
PVN-139Drum Dance, Binger 'Y', Aug. 2, 1980
PVN-140Drum Dance, Whitebead's, Sept. 25, 1976: Frank & Irvin Whitebead, Melford W., Hubert H.
PVN-141Drum Dance, July 3, 1977
PVN-142Drum Dance, June 19, 1982; Woman Dance
PVN-143Wimpy & Lewis Edmonds: Duck, Bell, Morning, Quapaw, Ladies Choice, Short ?, Drum Dance
PVN-144Caddo Songs, Lawrence Cone Recording, October 1961: Turkey Dance, Last of Bear Dance, Morning Dance, Hand Game
PVN-145Woman Dance, Cherokee, Corn Dance, Round Dance, Drum Dance, Bear Dance, Coon Dance
PVN-146Melford Williams Tape #5: Ghost Dance, Quapaw Dance, Ladies Choice, Slow War Dance, Morning Dance, Women Dance, Tap Dance, Man Dance
PVN-147Whitebead Dance Grounds, July 3-4, 1977: Caddo Women Dance, Man or Tap Dance, Bear Dance, Cherokee Dance
PVN-148Caddo Songs: Drum Dance, War Dance, Women Dance
PVN-149Lawrence Cone, Oct. 28, 1961: Coon Dance, Alligator Dance, Morning Dance, Flag Song, Drum Dance, Ghost Dance, Ladies' Choice, Bell Dance, Duck Dance
PVN-150Henry Shemayme 1981, Language & Song, Meeting About Bacone, Some Caddo Language with Phil & Vynola Newkumet
PVN-151Francis Williams Talk; Reuben Whitebead
PVN-152Francis Williams with Melford Williams on Caddo Religion, History, etc.
PVN-153Francis Williams with Melford Williams, July 1971, at Caddo Community House, Binger 'Y,' Old Caddo History, etc.
PVN-154Francis Williams, Caddo History, July 31, 1971
PVN-155Francis Williams with Melford Williams at Caddo Community House, Binger 'Y,' July 1971 (Caddo History, etc.)
PVN-156Francis Williams with Melford Williams, July 1971 (Caddo History, etc.). Students Present: Vynola Newkumet, Phil Newkumet, Virginia Holder, Laura Tahbonemah, Doris Tonemah
PVN-157Francis Williams Discussion, July 31,1971; Caddo Songs; Jess Adunko, Aug. 12, 1978
PVN-158Francis Williams, Caddo History, July 31, 1971
PVN-159Francis Williams with Melford Williams at Caddo Community House, Binger 'Y,' July 1971 (Caddo History, etc.) (Language Classes)
PVN-160Caddo Tribal Dances
PVN-161Songs of Indian Territory
PVN-162Songs of Caddo Vol. 1
PVN-163Songs of Caddo Vol. 2
PVN-164Kiowa Ghost Dance Songs, May 1969; Creek Stomp Dance at Arbeka, July 1968
PVN-165Geschwistern Gundolf: Tiroler Abend
PVN-166Caddo Language - Sentences, Words, July 1971, Then Talk On Caddo Origin, Customs, By Francis Williams, July 1971
PVN-167Francis Williams, Caddo Religion, History, with Melford Williams
PVN-168Caddo Language Lesson 4, May 22, 1971. Heater, Stove, Fire, Plate, etc.
PVN-169Randlett Edmonds: Women’s Dance Songs
PVN-170John Davis, Phil Newkumet, Dec. 12, 1993. Women’s Dance, Ghost Dance, Caddo Lessons 1-5
PVN-171Geo. Washington Brig.; Mary Had a Little Lamb; Star-Spangled Banner
PVN-172Tap Dance, Sept. 4, 1976; Ghost Dance; D. Dance, Sept. 4 or 5, 1976
PVN-173Man (Tap) Dance, Scott T. Talk
PVN-174Remaining Ourselves: Music & Tribal History
PVN-175Songs of Muskogee Creek, Part 1. Buffalo Dance, Long Dance - Netche Grey. Seminole, Oklahoma, May 1969. Stomp Dances - Frank Jackson, Harry Bell, David Wind
PVN-176Songs of the Caddo, Vol. 1 & 2
PVN-177Corn, Quapaw, Round?, Cherokee, 08/24/1993 (Wimpy, Stewart, Buntin, Th. Parton, Tony Wm's
PVN-178Monologue for PJN from Madeline Jan. 17, 1985
PVN-179WNAD Feb. 21, 1970 - Otoe, Quapaw, Cherokee, Women, Corn Dances. George Beaver, Phil Newkumet, Stella & Vynola Newkumet
PVN-180Alligator, Quapaw, Swing, Cherokee Dances. Vynola & Stella on Sidelines; Iroquois Song & Dance, Creek Stomp Dance
PVN-181At Pete's: Stomp Dance, Women Dance, Bell Dance, Stomp Dance, Corn, Quapaw, Cherokee
PVN-182WNAD Feb. 21, 1970 - Otoe?, Quapaw, Cherokee, Women Dance, Corn Dance, and Some George Beaver
PVN-183Caddo Language Lesson #19
PVN-184Caddo Language Lesson #2 - Sentences; Caddo Language Lesson #3 - Sentences; Caddo Language Lesson #4 - To Hot Peppers
PVN-185Francis Williams, Caddo History, July 31, 1971
PVN-186Caddo Language Lesson #8; Prayer by Ruben Whitebead
PVN-187Caddo Language Lessons #4 and #10
PVN-188Caddo Language Lessons 13 & 14
PVN-189Dad's Drum Dance Songs, Dec. 14, 1967; Riding Songs
PVN-190Drum Dance, Round Dance, War Dance, Sept. 2, 1972
PVN-191Drum Dance, Corn Dance, Vynola Present, Recording
PVN-192Tahiti; Labor Day Dance at Whitebead's: Bear Dance, Ladies Choice - Hubert Halfmoon, Wimpy Edmonds, Leon Carter, Stewart Owings, Pautattooknie; Cherokee Dance
PVN-193Sept. 2, 1983 - Wimpy Louis, Hubert, Irvin, & Ruth: Women Dance, Quapaw, Fish Dance, Morning Dance, and Talk from Aug. 5, 1978, at Pete & Josie Martinez's Home
PVN-194Oct 16, 1971; Claude Medford tape = Sadie B., etc.
PVN-195Henry Shemayme, Sept. 2, 1984; Lyndon LaRouche, Oct. 23, 1984
PVN-196Prayer Songs, Dance Songs (1947?), Scott Talk, Some Old Turkey Dance Song; George B. - Peyote Songs
PVN-197Resignation of President Nixon, Aug. 8, 1974
PVN-198Round Dance, War Dance, Ladies Choice; July 1968 or 1969
PVN-199Sept. 11, 1977, Caddo War Dance for Beginners
PVN-200Tahiti; Nite She Cried In My Beer, 7 Beers, Not Coming Home, Drunk Hiccups
PVN-201Washnekee Drum Dance Songs (Caddo Tribe), Randy Edmonds; Caddo #3 & 4, Wilson Kieonute, by Randlett Edmonds, Washaneke Songs
PVN-202Flag Song 1955; Turkey Dance, Aug. 15, 1970
PVN-203Ralph Murrow, Henry Weller, Houston Edmonds, Jack Shiatse, Reathia Cussen, Frank Cussen - Ghost Dance, Corn Dance
PVN-204Testing New Song, Vynola Newkumet - "Go To Store," Sing "Star Spangled Banner"; George Beaver Sings Women Dance Songs; Vynola Newkumet - George Washington Bridge" & "Mary Had A Little Lamb"
PVN-205Stella and George Sitting By, Stomp, Quapaw, Bell Dances
PVN-206Hand Game, July 11, 1964, R. Murrow & Hank Weller
PVN-207Turkey, Women, Corn, Quapaw Dances, Some Women Dance, Navajo
PVN-208Peyote Songs
PVN-209July 15, 1972: Round Dance, Drum Dance
PVN-210Delaware Words, Story
PVN-211Lefty Williams, Prudy Edmonds, Clara Brown: Hymns, Church Songs; Wallace Chafe: Caddo Words, Stories; Quapaw Dance, Cherokee Dance; Wimpy & Ruth: Church Songs, September 1971
PVN-212At Pete Martinez's House, Aug. 5, 1978: Ghost Dance, Melford Williams; Talk; Drum Dance; Talk
PVN-213Houston Edmonds: 8 Caddo Riding Songs, Drum Dance
PVN-214Wichita Tribal Singers: War, Round, Ghost, & Dog Dances
PVN-215Quapaw Dance Sept. 15, 1982; Corn, Quapaw, Swing, Stirrup, Fish Dances, October 1961; Swing Dance, Sept. 5, 1982
PVN-216Funeral - Stella Beaver at Smith Funeral Chapel, Anadarko, OK, with Rev. James Denny & Allen Moses. Caddo Hymns by Wimpy Edmonds, May 13, 1976; Talking Later at Aunt Ada's Home; Stella B. Sing Along Quapaw Dance; George Beaver - Women Dance Songs
PVN-217Swing Dance, Aug. 28, 1976; Cherokee Dance
PVN-218Labor Day Dance, Turkey Dance, Binger 'Y,' Sept. 2, 1979
PVN-219Caddo Words, Story, by Wallace Chafe; Talking and Singing Women Dance Songs; Delaware Words, Stella, Ada, Vynola
PVN-220Church Songs - Kenneth Edmonds; Ghost Dance - H. Edmonds; Drum Dance - H. Edmonds; Phil & Vynola Newkumet, Christmas 1973; Drum Dance - H. Edmonds & Pow-Wow; Bell Dance; Ladies Choice
PVN-221Funeral Services for Stella Beaver, May 13, 1976, at Smith Funeral Chapel, Anadarko, OK
PVN-222Vynola Newkumet, Star Spangled Banner, August 1982; Rev. Danny & Wimpy at Smith Funeral Chapel 10/02/1982; Geo. Washington Bridge, 1982
PVN-223Annie’s Stories; Daddy Sings Women Dance
PVN-224Alligator Dance; Flag Song
PVN-225Ralph Murrow, Henry Weller, Houston Edmonds, Jack Shantsy, Reathia Mae, Frank Cussen: Ghost Dance
PVN-226Ghost Dance and Women’s Dance songs at Community House, Aug. 28, 1971
PVN-227Adv Class; McDowell Club
PVN-228May 13, 1976, at Smith Funeral Chapel, Anadarko, OK. Funeral Service by Rev. Denny for Stella Beaver
PVN-229Ghost Dance, Women Dance, Sept. 25, 1971; WNAD Radio Jan. 29, 1972: Pawnee, Oklahoma Group
PVN-230Ghost Dance, Women’s Dance
PVN-232Ghost Dance
PVN-233Strange Stories While at Graham, Texas - Vynola, Phil, Hoffs, Reathia, Wells, Laura
PVN-234Talk at Table - Ms. Jeri Duval, Eugene Heflin, Mike Martin; Mike Martin Sings Ghost Dance, Peyote Song, 2 Round Dance; Turkey Dance by the Edmonds Family, July 9, 1955
PVN-235Henry Shemayme with Phil Newkumet, & Vynola Newkumet, 1981 & 1984; Talking Caddo Language, Singing, & Interpretation by Francis Williams
PVN-236Hubert Halfmoon Visiting Phil & Vynola Newkumet at 729 Elmwood, with Billie Ruth Hoff, Jan. 9, 1981: Caddo Words, Songs, etc.
PVN-237Hubert Halfmoon at 729 Elmwood, Jan. 9, 1981, Language & Turkey Dance Songs, Some Women Dance
PVN-238Hubert Halfmoon at 729 Elmwood, Jan. 9, 1981, Caddo Words, etc.
PVN-239Hubert Halfmoon Visiting Phil & Vynola Newkumet at 729 Elmwood, with Billie Ruth Hoff, Jan. 9, 1981: Caddo Words, Songs, etc.
PVN-240Hubert Halfmoon with Phil & Vynola Newkumet and Billie Ruth at 729 Elmwood, with Billie Ruth Hoff, Jan. 9, 1981: Caddo Words
PVN-241Hubert Halfmoon at 729 Elmwood, Jan. 9, 1981, Fish Dance, Shawnee Women Dance
PVN-242Hubert Halfmoon at 729 Elmwood, Jan. 9, 1981, Fish Dance, Shawnee Women Dance
PVN-243Caddo Flag Song, Duck Dance, Bell, Corn, Stirrup, Morning Drum Dance
PVN-244Caddo Indian Dance Songs, July 9, 1955: Ghost Dance, Peyote Song, and Round Dances, by Mike Martin; Turkey Dance, Flag Song, Duck Dance, Bell Dance, by Houston Edmonds; Caddo Corn Dance, Stirrup Dance, Morning Dance
PVN-246Nanissana, or Ghost Dance, at 729 Elmwood, by Randlett Edmonds: Caddo, Arapaho, Some Pawnee & Wichita
PVN-247Lefty Williams, Clara Brown, Prudy Edmonds: Church Songs, Woman Songs, Bell Dance, Corn Dance; Lefty Williams: Coon Dance, Morning Dance, Women Dance, Stirrup Dance, Alligator, Garfish, Double-header, Duck Dance, Quapaw Dance
PVN-248Lowell Edmonds - Riding Songs, June 1994; Ghost Dance Song, June 1994
PVN-249Frank Whitebead Honoring Dance, July 16, 1977, and Caddo Talk, Prayer; Peyote Songs, March 18, 1972
PVN-250Joe Edmonds Songs - Houston Edmonds: Ghost Dance, Crek Love Dance, Riding Songs?, Ghost Dance, Drum Dance, Ghost Dance; Paul Frank, 1957, Creek Love Dance; Cheese Johnson - Shawnee-Delaware: Buffalo Dance, Fish Dance, Morning Dance; Jones Beaver: Coon Dance, Bear Dance
PVN-251Raccoon Dance (Delaware, Shawnee, & Iroquois); Iroquois (J.E. Thomas): 12 Coon Dance Songs
PVN-252Jess Ahdunko, Talk at Whitebead’s, Aug. 12, 1978
PVN-253War Dance; Southwest Songs & Dances & Caddo
PVN-254Ghost Dance Songs; Some 49? Or Round Dance?
PVN-255Bell Dance, Quapaw Dance
PVN-256Feb. 10, 1973: Drum Dance featuring Lewis & Wimpy, Lowell Edmonds, Melford Williams, Ruth Wilson, & Ellen Edge; Drum Dance, Morning Dance
PVN-257Caddo Handgame
PVN-258Lefty Williams and Others, Caddo Words and Language; Amanda Kichai, Chickasaw Woman Married To Delaware Man; Delaware Customs and Chickasaw Medicine
PVN-259Southern Cheyenne Songs #29 - 60
PVN-260Ponca Radio Music; Drum Dance Songs, Nov. 5, 1973
PVN-261David and Emma Apekaum - Hide Tanning, then Apache? Navajo?
PVN-262Caddo Drum Dance - Washaniki, by Randlett Edmonds
PVN-263Drum Dance, Ghost Dance, Swing?, Corn Dance, Bell Dance, Cherokee Dance, Morning Dance, March 25, 1961
PVN-264Henry Shemayme at 729 Elmwood, with Vynola & Phil Newkumet, 1981 & 1984: Talking Caddo Language, Singing, and Interpretation
PVN-265Pawnee Ghost Dance at Murrow's, July 13, 1961, Jim Little Sun Singing
PVN-266Drum Dance, Pawnee Ghost Dance, Some Wichita
PVN-267Ester Stories on Caddo
PVN-2681971. George & Stella Beaver - A Ghost Dance Song
PVN-269Peyote Songs: George Beaver, Jack Shiatse, Wendell Edmonds
PVN-270July 3, 1977, Whitebead Hasinai Center Campgrounds: Drum Dance and Women Dance Songs,
PVN-271Drum, Duck, Bell, AM, Quapaw, Lady Choice Dances, by Wimpy & Lewis Edmonds
PVN-272Hubert Halfmoon at 729 Elmwood, Jan. 9, 1981, Songs, etc.
PVN-273Caddo Songs, July 3, 1977 - Drum Dance and Women's Dance, Bear, Duck, Cherokee
PVN-274Caddo Songs, March 25, 1961
PVN-275George Beaver at Anadarko, September - December 1970
PVN-276Women Dance by George Beaver; Doll Dance; Vynola Newkumet Talking; Peyote Songs; War Dance
PVN-277Wimpy & Lewis Edmonds, Melford Williams, & Frank Edge, Drum Dance Songs, Sept. 25, 1971; Frank Edge, Lewis & Wimpy Edmonds, Melford Williams, Ruth & Viola Wilson - cah-kee im'bin
PVN-278Drum Dance, Ghost Dance Wah-shee-nee-kee, November 1971
PVN-279Caddo Hymns, Sept. 25, 1971
PVN-280Houston Edmonds, Riding Songs, Drum Dance Songs, Ghost Dance
PVN-281At Pete Martinez's Home, 1977 - Melford Williams, Jack Shiatee, Hubert Halfmoon, Leon Carter Singing Various Songs
PVN-282Wimpy, "Lowell" Edmonds, Melford Williams - Caddo Songs: Little Flag Song, Turkey Dance, Bell Dance
PVN-283War Dance Songs: Lewis & Lowell Edmonds, Ruth Wilson, Feb. 10, 1973
PVN-284Beth Meininger at Barrow, Alaska: Animal Calls, Sept. 19, 1978; With Madeline Meininger at 729 Elmwood, Nov. 29, 1984
PVN-285Quapaw, Swing, Stirrup, Fish, Coon, Duck Dances; Some Talk & Ghost Dance; Wimpy & Ruth: Church Songs, September 1971
PVN-286Bell, Cherokee, Corn, Quapaw, Swing, Stirrup, Fish, Bear, Morning Dances
PVN-287Canyon Records: Songs of the Caddo
PVN-288Women Dance, Ghost Dance, Quapaw Dance, Lady Choice Dance, Morning Dance, Riding Songs, Ghost Dance, Corn Dance, Quapaw, Womens
PVN-289Various Cheyenne and Arapaho dances; Schmitt Collection WH 702 April 9, 1949; WH 703 Dec. 25, 1951
PVN-290Var. Cheyenne/Creek/Caddo dances; Schmitt Collection WH 704 Nov. 11, 1949; WH 705 Nov. 19, 1949
PVN-291Various Caddo dances; Schmitt Collection WH 700 April 9, 1949; WH 701 April 9, 1949
PVN-292Caddo Tribal Dances; Anadarko , OK; March 26, 1955. American Indian Soundchiefs
PVN-293Morning Dance, June 1975
PVN-294Ghost Dance, Sept. 25, 1971
PVN-295Round Dance, Duck Dance, Bell Dance, Morning Dance, Quapaw Dance, Lady Choice
PVN-296Jim Littleson, Pawnee Ghost Dance Songs, July 1961
PVN-297Stella Beaver, Delaware Language, Feb. 29, 1976
PVN-298Turkey Dance, Flag Song, Bear Dance, Bell Dance, Alligator, June 12, 1975
PVN-299Church Songs and Caddo Dances, Christmas 1973
PVN-300Houston Edmonds, Drum Dance Songs, Dec. 14, 1967
PVN-301Nuhkanoshany, All Turkey Dance, all (Wúntey); Drum Dance
PVN-302Southern Cheyenne Songs #1 - 28
PVN-303George Beaver: Peyote Songs
PVN-304Caddo Peyote Songs at Murrow's Dance, July 4, 1959
PVN-305Caddo Peyote Songs at Murrow's Dance, July 4, 1959
PVN-306KRPT Radio, Anadarko, OK, May 22, 1982: Wimpy Edmonds, Stewart Owings, Pat Parton, Lewis Edmonds, Viola Ahdunko
PVN-307Hasinai Meeting at Binger 'Y,' April 29, 1977?
PVN-308Summer 1972
PVN-309Uncle Henry Weller, Bill Bedoka, Aunt Alice, & Me: Stomp Dance - The Real Thing
PVN-310Creek WNAD
PVN-311Turkey Dance, Aug. 15, 1970, Flag Song
PVN-312At Pete Martinez's House, Aug. 5, 1978: War Dance, Swing Dance, Woman Dance, Fish Dance, Morning Dance
PVN-313May 13, 1976 at Smith Funeral Chapel, Anadarko, OK. Funeral Service by Rev. Denny for Stella Beaver
PVN-314Pawnee Ghost Dance; WNAD Radio, Caddo Songs
PVN-315WNAD Radio Mish-mash; Stella Beavers?
PVN-316Native American Dance Songs (primarily Western tribes)
PVN-318Grandmother: Some Singing and Words - Delaware; Vynola Newkumet; Stella Beavers
PVN-319George Beavers Drum and Singing
PVN-320Yeibechai Chant; Ute Bear Dance; Ute Sun Dance; Squaw Dance; Caddo Bell Dance
PVN-321Conversation and Singing in Caddo
PVN-322Stirrup, Peyote, Wichita, Caddo
PVN-323“Little Quarsartah” Church - Cromwell, OK, August, 1970
PVN-324Caddo Language Lessons
PVN-325Caddo Language Lessons, Dec. 12, 19, 1971; Jan. 9, 1972
PVN-326Lawrence Cone Recording Caddo Songs on Oct. 28, 1961; Stuart Owings, Wichita Ghost Dance
PVN-327Caddo Language Lessons
PVN-328Stella, Ada, Rementer, Delaware Talk; Language Lesson 07/31/1971; Reuben W. Talk; Francis Wm's
PVN-329Caddo Language Lessons
PVN-330Caddo Language Lessons
PVN-331Hubert Halfmoon Speaking at 729 Elmwood, Jan. 9, 1981; Drum Dance; Swing Dance; Caddo War Dance; Corn Dance, Sept. 27, 1980
PVN-332Caddo Language Lessons
PVN-334Women Dance; Ladies Choice; Duck Dance; Alligator Dance; Bell Dance
PVN-335Caddo Language Lesson, Caddo Songs
PVN-336Caddo Program from WNAD Radio, May 29, 1962: Various Dance Songs
PVN-337Frank & Phil Newkumet, Virginia Crawley, Geneva Carrel: Talking Family History at 729 Elmwood
PVN-338Caddo Dance at Marrow’s Dance Grounds, Binger “Y”, July 10, 1964
PVN-339Caddo Community House
PVN-340WNAD Caddo Group Singing
PVN-3419 p.m. Saturday Night, Feb. 10, 1973 Dances and Songs
PVN-342Ghost Dance, Drum Dance
PVN-343Caddo Dances and Songs, Melford William's #4
PVN-344July 10, 1964: Women Dance Songs; Turkey, Duck, Corn, Bell, Fish, Stirrup Dances
PVN-347Quapaw Language Lessons #3 - 7
PVN-348Language Lessons, June 19, 1971, & July 24, 1971; Women Dance, Sept. 25, 1971; Other Songs
PVN-350Caddo Hand Game, Language meeting and Dance Songs
PVN-351Songs of the Redmen from WNAD record on Oct. 4, 1964
PVN-352Music of the Sioux and Navajo, American Indians of the Southwest
PVN-353Hand Gamces, Drum Dance, Lullaby, Riding Song
PVN-354Kiowa Records - American Indian Soundchiefs Records
PVN-356Caddo Songs: Dad's Drum Dance Songs, Dec. 14, 1967
PVN-357Caddo Peyote Songs, July 4, 1959
PVN-358Caddo Dance, Murrow Dance Ground, Binger “Y,” July 11, 1964. Doris T. Tapes 3rd Reel (Doris Tonemah?)
PVN-359Comanche Peyote Songs Vol. 1 (I.H. 2401). Ponca Peyote Songs (I.H.2) and others
PVN-361Caddo Dance Songs: Lady Choice, Duck Dance
PVN-362Caddo Ghost Dance Songs
PVN-363Oct. 10, 1997
PVN-364Caddo turkey Dance
PVN-365Caddo Indian Dances
PVN-366Black and White of Caddo Indian People…and Their Dances
PVN-367Newspaper Clippings and Articles
PVN-369Wallace Chafe Articles and Letters
PVN-370English to Caddo Dictionary
PVN-371Kickapoo Alphabet
PVN-372Additional Miscellaneous
PVN-373Names and Relatives
PVN-374Indian Games
PVN-375Caddo Phrase Book
PVN-376Caddo Songs and Dance Songs
PVN-377Caddo History Beliefs
PVN-378Gracemont Caddo Language Class 1
PVN-379Caddo Dance
PVN-380Quapaw Dance Songs
PVN-381Miscellaneous Songs and Dance
PVN-382Delaware Language
PVN-383Caddo Language 1
PVN-384Caddo Language 2
PVN-385Ruby Resoff Caddo Language Lessons
PVN-386Gracemont Dialogs for Conversation Practice
PVN-387Caddo Dialogs for Conversation Practice
PVN-388Caddo Alphabet and Word List
PVN-389Caddo (Hasinai)/English Glossary
PVN-390Kiowa Language
PVN-391Caddo Dictionary Rough Draft
PVN-392Caddo Language Lesson 1993
PVN-393Caddo Language Phrase Test
PVN-394Caddo Language Lesson Tests 1971
PVN-395English to Caddo Mini Dictionary
PVN-396Caddo Vocabulary 1 - 1804
PVN-397Caddo Language Lessons 1971 Plus 1993 List of Caddo Verbs
PVN-398Caddo Descriptive Words 1993
PVN-399Delaware - Caddo Language
PVN-400Caddo Vocabulary 2 - 1804
PVN-401Caddo Language Class 1971
PVN-402Caddo Language Handbook and Dictionary
PVN-403Caddo Words 1986
PVN-404Caddo Language 1990
PVN-405Caddo Language Lessons 1971
PVN-406Religious Songs in Caddo Language
PVN-407Ponca War Dance from WNAD Nov. 25, 1947
PVN-408Ponca Scalp Dance Nov. 25, 1947; Juan Rosalie's Cakchiquel
PVN-409Aztec Nov. 28, 1942
PVN-410Chas Anquoe - Kiowa Eagle Dance/Snake Dance
PVN-411Chas Anquoe - Peyote Songs
PVN-412Chas Anquoe - Two Step Dances / War Dance Song
PVN-413Chas Anquoe - '49 Songs / Victory Song
PVN-414M. Kwpwaykia - Apache Fire Dance / Back & Forth Song
PVN-415Tahiti Api – Sept. 30, 1942 / Paoa – Sept. 30, 1942
PVN-416Kiowa Gourd Dance Song; Sandance Song
PVN-417Navajo April 4, 1943; NORM March 28,1943
PVN-418Jemez Pueblo Dancers
PVN-419Chas Anquoe - War Mother Victory
PVN-420Juan Rosales
PVN-423Music/Hill Billy
PVN-425Navahjo Social Dances