Gallery of Collectors

Specimens come from the enthusiasm, collection, work and thoughts of the scientists who collected and researched them. To acknowledge their contributions to science and to our collection, we have created this gallery both to honor these scientists and to present more of their body of work. We hope this will give a greater appreciation of what scientists do, what these scientists accomplished and what legacy these scientists have generated.

In tracking the legacies of these collectors/scientists, we hope to document the scientific evidence that they contributed as well as the human side of science by maintaining some recollections of these scientists. Our tribute to them includes asking those who knew them to help us record their legacy by sharing recollections of these scientists in order to more fully show how they influenced science and the world around them.

Every contribution is important and matters therefore we are working on including all the collectors/scientists associated with our collection. However, our collection is large and contains many collectors/scientists whose collections, work or research have been involved our collection over the years, therefore collectors/scientists and their details will be continuing to be added to the gallery as they are gathered.

We list Leonard Richard Wilson first, as our collection is named the L. R. Wilson Paleobotany and Micropaleontology Collection in his honor and then list the collectors/scientists alphabetically.

If you know of additional individuals or have additional information, photos or memories about any scientists whose collections, work, or research may have involved our collection, we would encourage you to add what you know to our Collection Forum or contact us and allow us to assist you with adding to this tracking of collector's legacies.