Leisman Taxa

Leisman Taxa (Collected or Examined)

Taxa that Leisman, along with his students and colleagues who worked with him as collaborators, described and/or identified during his career are numerous. Most were originally described by other scientists and used to identify and name specimens, however, a few were new to science and were designated types by Leisman and his students and colleagues for others to use to identify and name specimens with. Specimens that Leisman's research lab worked with came from both collections they made and loans for material for study. Some of the specimens that Leisman collected are in the Leisman Collection at the L. R. Wilson Paleobotany and Micropaleontology Collection and some are in other repositories/collections. Those that had been loaned to Leisman's research lab are in other repositories/collections.

We use the following abbreviations in describing the repository (usually either a museum or university collection) that the specimens/material are owned and stored:

OMNH = Leisman Collection in the L. R. Wilson Paleobotany and Micropaleontology Collection, Sam Noble Museum of Natural History, Norman, Oklahoma, United States

ESU-Johnston = Johnston Geology Museum, Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas, United States (abbreviation created for tracking purposes only)

KUPB = Paleobotany Collection, Biodiversity Institute and Natural History Museum, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, United States

MMUM = Manchester Museum, The University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom

NMV-P = Palaeobotany Collection, Museum Victoria, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

WUSTL = Collection, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, United States (unverified if collection still exists and abbreviation created for tracking purposes only)

Note: Abbreviations are the same as those listed in The Global Registry of Biodiversity Repositories (GRBio) unless no registered abbreviation or collection code was listed which are noted.

Before any sorting, we list the taxa alphabetically by genus first, then alphabetically by species as they were known/described by Leisman and his collaborators. The columns are sortable by clicking on the heading. The first click to a heading sorts them alphabetically (A to Z)/numerically (1-25). The second click to heading sorts them reverse alphabetically (Z to A)/numerically (25-1). The third click to heading brings back to original sort order.

In the types column, if the type has an asterisk (*) after the type designation it means that it was not designated by Leisman or his collaborators but the author of the species and Leisman and/or his students and collaborators are known to have seen and studied it. If OMNH is listed for the repository it means one of our other collectors/scientists deposited it in our collection.

Based on publications, labels, letters, and other documentation, we are aware that Leisman, his students and his collaborators described or worked with taxa listed in the table below. Note, that we are not necessarily saying that Leisman, his students and collaborators were the first to describe the taxa listed here, but merely that they identified a specimen either in publication, on labels or other such manner as being these taxa.

If you are aware of any additional taxa that Leisman, his students or his collaborators described or worked with, please add them to our Collection Forum or contact us.

TaxaPlant GroupTypes as Observed by Leisman's LabFiguredPublicationRepositoriesConfirmed
Bowmanites bifurcatus Andrew and Mamay 1951SphenophytesOMNHPartial
Bowmanites fertilis (Scott) Hoskins and Cross 1943SphenophytesOMNHPartial
Bowmanites trisporangiatus Hoskins and Cross 1943SphenophytesOMNHPartial
Calamocarpon insignis Baxter 1963SphenophytesOMNHPartial
Calamospora sp. Kosanke 1950SphenophytesOMNHPartial
Calamostachys sp. Schimper in Schimper and Schenk 1880SphenophytesOMNHPartial
Claudospora sp. Elsik 1966OMNHPartial
Cryptocaryoxylon sp. Leisman 1986AngiospermSyntypesYesYesNMV-PPartial
Cryptocaryoxylon gippslandicum Leisman 1986AngiospermSyntypesYesYesNMV-PPartial
Dubiocarpon compactum (Williamson 1878) Hutchinson 1955FungiYesYesOMNHPartial
Dubiocarpon elegans (Williamson 1878) Hutchinson 1955FungiYesYesOMNHPartial
Myocarpon bimuratus Davis and Leisman 1962FungiHolotypeYesYesOMNHPartial
Mycocarpon flexus Davis and Leisman 1962FungiHolotypeYesYesOMNHPartial
Myocarpon ornatus Davis and Leisman 1962FungiHolotpeYesYesOMNHPartial
Elaterites triferens Wilson 1943Holotype*Yes*MultipleOMNHPartial
Equisetites bracteosus Konno 1962SphenophytesOMNHPartial
Equisetosporites chinleana Daugherty and Stagner 1941SphenophytesOMNHPartial
Lepidodendron dacrydiodes Leisman 1970LycophytesHolotypeYesYesOMNHPartial
Lepidophylloides calcaratum Leisman 1970LycophytesHolotypeYesYesOMNHPartial
Myocarpon flexus Davis and Leisman 1962FungiHolotypeYesYesOMNHYes
Peltastrobus sp. (Baxter 1950) Leisman and Graves emend. 1964Epitypes-OMNH; Holotype-KUPBYesYesOMNH; KUPB;No
Peltastrobus reedae (Baxter 1950) Leisman and Graves emend. 1964Epitypes-OMNH; Holotype-KUPBYesYesOMNH; KUPB;No
Selaginellites crassicintus (Hoskins and Abbott 1956) Leisman emend. 1961LycopytesHolotypeYesYesNo
Spencerites sp. (Scott 1898) Leisman and Stidd emend. 1967LycophytesHolotype/Syntypes-MMUM; Epitypes-OMNH; Epitypes-KUPB; Epitypes-WUSTLYesYesMMUM; OMNH; KUPB; WUSTLNo-MMUM; Partial-OMNH; No-KUPB; No-WUSTL
Spencerites majusculus Scott 1898LycophyteHolotype-MMUMYesYesMMUM; OMNHNo-No-MMUM; Partial-OMNH
Spencerites sp. cf. S. majusculus Scott 1898LyophytesYesYesOMNHPartial
Spencerites moorei (Cridland 1960) Leisman emend. 1962LycophytesEpitypes-OMNH; Holotype-, Paratypes-KUPB; Paratypes-WUSTLYesMultipleOMNH; KUPB; WUSTLPartial-OMNH; No-KUPB; No-WUSTL
Spencerites moorei (Cridland 1960) Leisman and Stidd emend. 1967LycophytesEpitypes-OMNH; Holotype-, Paratypes-KUPB; Paratypes-WUSTLYesMultipleOMNHPartial-OMNH; No-KUPB; No-WUSTL
Sporocarpon asteroides (Williamson 1878) Hutchinson 1955FungiYesYesOMNHPartial
Sporocarpon cognatus Davis and Leisman 1962FungiHolotypeYesYesOMNHPartial