Common Fossils of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Through Time

Oklahoma's rich fossil record provides a window on the plants and animals that once grew, swam and walked across our state over hundreds of millions of years. In this site, you can learn about the major groups of invertebrate animals and plants that can be found as fossils in Oklahoma. You can also find out about the various communities that these animals and plants were part of. Other pages give information about the geological time scale, how paleontologists tell time and how to become a fossil. If you are interested in paleontology as a career, you can find out what paleontologists do and how you can become one. If you like the content of this site, you may also enjoy our related site, Understanding Extinction. You can access the Museum's database and find out what fossils have been found in the rocks in your area. If you've found a fossil, you can contact Museum staff to learn more about it. This website was developed with the help of funding from National Science Foundation Grant DBI 0545092.